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Hello & Welcome To Enchanted LifePath



I would like to take a moment to say I have hit my first landmark of 500 subscribers over on my YouTube Channel Which I think was quite fast in 3 months. The thing about my first 500 subscribers is you all got to see the start of Enchanted LifePath Tv. You will be the ones who notice the changes over time as i improve on all aspects from designing the website to finding the news that keeps you coming back, I have placed a sort of internal social media section within the website, but at present i cant seem to work out how to fix the sign up page so it has left me as the only member haha. The website will become more user friendly enabling you to share information and knowledge to the whole of cyberspace so people can see it and gain more knowledge and wisdom , Enchanted lifePath Tv also has a separate channel on YouTube solely for live streams in which, when, i have enough people who will join me in live sessions we can all cover topics together whilst i will be sharing my screen so its a full engagement, we can talk in the chat window. all of this is available at Enchanted LifePath Live Tv . But this post started with a purpose and that was to thank the first 500 people and everybody else who has viewed my videos even the people who give me complete shit about my accent haha (fuck you and yes i can write that because its my website my channel my work my Enchanted LifePath). Below are the subscribers of the week i will do 3 or 5 comments or posts weekly picking out the people i think made the best comment or shared the best info anything that catches my eye basically.


The First Ever Subscribers Of The Week


Hi, just wanted to say keep on keeping on, I like what you are trying to do in order to try & wake up the sheep …As a side note i have seen you in Casey`s (enterthe5t4rs) chat on his live feeds, some interesting comments made in there…if ever you fancy a chat with someone that has a similar mind set then feel free to get in touch

not alf bro good to know another scouser woken up haaha

Very very good video the planets gone to hell in a hand basket.
they’re already both at financial war i hope it doesn’t escalate to all out war

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