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Share This: Enchanted Life Hacks Learning Centre An Educational Revolution ALERT: PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO THE ENCHANTED LIFE HACKS CHANNEL The Future Is Now, Teaching You The Things You Would Never Know About Living Your Dreams. Hello, welcome to Enchanted Life Hack Learning Centre, thank you for visiting my website today. Now the first question is why are you here today? It is because we live in an environment where opportunity is not taught to us, from the day we are born we are wrongly educated. Another question, who has ever…

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CERN Almost Opens STARGATE PORTAL On 9/11 Auroras Worldwide – Terra-Forming Earth

Share This:                                    Large Hadron Collider Produces State of Matter Existing at Birth of Universe GENEVA: Scientists at CERN have produced tiny droplets of a state of matter thought to have existed right at the birth of the universe, after slamming particles together at high energy in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Researchers at the University of Kansas working with an international team at the LHC produced quark-gluon plasma with fewer particles than previously…

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