#Brussels Bomb Was In The Airport Ceiling NO BOMB VEST USED!!! BOMB WAS PRE PLANTED!

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Brussels Airport & Denver airport The 322 Skull & Bones Link Exposed – Brussels Terror Pagan Ritual

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The Bomb Was In The Ceiling

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DENVER AIRPORT – The Numbers Game


Why Did We See Denver International airport In The News On The Day Of The Brussels Bombings On 3/22?, I Knew We Was Seeing It For A Reason, So I Went Looking For Answers & Found More Questions.

Pictured Above We See The Commission Stone From Denver Airport, It Shows The Date It Opened Was March 19th 1994,

Brussels Attacks Took Place On March 22nd 2016

Here I Calculate The Time Between The Dates

Right Away We See The Answer Is, They Are 22 Years And 3 Days Apart!,  From The Date Denver International Airport Opened To The Date Of The Brussels Attacks. This Is Notable Because The Skull And Bones Number Of 322 Is Highly Referenced In Both The Date Of 3/22 March 22 And The Time Between The Dates We Calculated Giving us An answer Of 22 Years And 3 Days A Clear 223 322 Mirror And We Know This Is Not Good.


On March 22nd 2016, We Seen Denver International Airport In The News On Due To It’s Evacuation Over Security Fears As The Day’s Events Unfolded Around The Brussels Bombings.

Security alert lifted at Denver airport as terminal fully reopens A security alert was lifted at Denver International Airport on Tuesday after police gave the all-clear to several suspicious packages that had prompted a brief evacuation in the main terminal, the airport said on Twitter.

But This Reuters Report Shows it Was Re-Opened As There Was No Reason For Alarm………. This Begs The Question, Was This Evacuation Faked To Subliminally Install It In Our Minds On The Day Of The Brussels Bombings.

Let’s Take A Look At The Very Strange Things We Know Are Already At Denver International Airport Which Must Be Brought To Light!,



If That Didn’t Creep You Out Then I Don’t Know What Will

Next We Look At The Date Of March 22.

As Usual We Find More Clues.

March 22 is the 81st day of the year (82nd in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 284 days remaining until the end of the year.

Now Let’s Look Into The Date And We Find More Satanic Worship Hidden, Lending Huge Credibility To The Fact The Brussels Bombings Was Another Staged Sacrifice!.

The Date Of March 22 Is The 2nd Day Of The 3 day Pagan Salii Festival, Which Marks The Start Of The Falcon Month,  This Is A Very Highly Satanic Holiday And We Know What The Elite Do On Satanic Holidays. They Kill People. The 2nd Day Of The Salii Festival We Mentioned Is Called Hilaria, After I Show You This You will Understand That The Elite Think This Is Hilarious.

  • 22 March. “The Tree Entered” (Arbor intrat). A pine tree from a wood sacred to Cybele is felled following the sacrifice of a ram at its roots. The tree was carried in procession through the city as if in a funeral to the Temple of Cybele on the Palatine Hill.

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  • 23 March. A day of mourning.

  • 24 March. “The Day of Blood” (Sanguis). Frenzied rites including scourging and whipping. Castration rituals would take place on this day. The tree is symbolically buried.

The Hilaria

The Hilaria (Greek: ἱλάρια; Latin: hilaris, “cheerful”) were ancient Roman religious festivals celebrated on the vernal equinox to honor Cybele.

The Romans took this feast originally from the Greeks, who called itΑΝΑΒΑΣΙΣ, q.d. Ascensus: the eve of that day they spent in tears and lamentations, and denominated it ΚΑΤΑΒΑΣΙΣ, Descensus. Afterwards, the Greeks took the name ΙΛΑΡΙΑ, from the Romans, as appears from Photius‘sBibliotheca, in his codex of the life of the philosopher Isidore of Alexandria.

The term seems originally to have been a name which was given to any day or season of rejoicing. The hilaria were, therefore, according to Maximus Monachus[1] either private or public. Among the former, he thinks it the day on which a person married, and on which a son was born; among the latter, those days of public rejoicings appointed by a new emperor. Such days were devoted to general rejoicings and public sacrifices, and no one was allowed to show any symptoms of grief or sorrow.

But the Romans also celebrated hilaria, as a feria stativa, on March 25, the eighth day before the Kalends of April, in honor of Cybele, the mother of the gods; and it is probably to distinguish these hilaria from those mentioned above, that the Augustan History [2] calls them Hilaria Matris Deûm. The day of its celebration was the first after the vernal equinox, or the first day of the year which was longer than the night. The winter with its gloom had died, and the first day of a better season was spent in rejoicings. The manner of its celebration during the time of the republic is unknown, except that Valerius Maximus[3] mentions games in honour of the mother of the gods. Respecting its celebration at the time of the empire, we learn from Herodian that, among other things, there was a solemn procession, in which the statue of the goddess was carried, and before this statue were carried the most costly specimens of template and works of art belonging either to wealthy Romans or to the emperors themselves. All kinds of games and amusements were allowed on this day; masquerades were the most prominent among them, and everyone might, in his disguise, imitate whomsoever he liked, and even magistrates.


Let’s See What Games We Might Of Seen Played On 3/22.

#Brussels Bomb Was In The Airport Ceiling NO BOMB VEST USED!!! – PRE PLANTED – MSM #Exposed

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