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Chris Malico, Oozaru313 – YouTube Subscriber
I have a theory; If they actually did “cancel” the New York baal arch, then maybe that is a warning for an attack on Manhattan. That they would even mention Manhattan seems like a statement that it is a target. In New York City there is a bronze statue of a bull known as the “charging bull“, a bull is symbolic of Baal, and in the occult 4/19 is a sacrificial day to (fire) Baal with an emphasis on children… Manhattan has over 1,700 schools. Obama said his biggest fear is a nuclear attack on Manhattan, a nuke is a giant fire ball…May 1st is Beltane and the second most important day to the Illuminati which also demands sacrifice. 13 days between those two dates,known as the “13 days of Preparation“,… preparation for what??? Astrologically Beltane occurs when the sun reaches 15° Taurus( Taurus is a bull), Taurus will be 15° on the May 5/6. May 5th is traditionally (old) Beltane. May 6th is known as shepards day, where occult members would meditate on deities as “lord of animals“; Dumuzi, Pan, Shiva, and Osiris, who are all personifications of Satan.
US President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama to host International Jazz Day 2016 All-Star concert at the White House
At this point it doesn’t matter if they cancelled them or not. Just by them referencing New York implies that it is a target. They said they will construct 1000 temples in 1000 cities. What that means is not the construction of physical temples, but the devastation of 1000 cities, to be rebuilt in the image of their NWO… George H.W Bush once spoke of a dream of ” the illumination of 1000 points of light”. Bush meant the burning ( points of light) of the great civilizations of the world, for a new one to rise from the ashes ( illumination ), like the Phoenix. There is even a connection in recent movies I could show you; London has Fallen and Captain America All speak of world wide destruction…. I can show you the numbers if you like… and if you can find any remote viewers let me know..
 So Based Around This Info And Other Findings We Went Live For Almost 5 Hours.  The First Hour Was About This Page, The Rest Was Impromptu Research And Hangout On Air.

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