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An Enchanted LifePath Work And Education – The Younger Years

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Hmmmm The Picture Above Is My School badge Which I Wore On My Blazer Everyday HaHa. I Couldn’t Help But Wonder Exactly what The Building On Front Of The Logo Means And The Writing And The Fact That We All Know What The Liver Bird Means Around Here Don’t We, Seee I Can’t Even Write A Little Story Without Thinking, Hmmmm Riddle Me This Haha, Anyway Lets Move On….


i got c’s and b’s in everything that i passed in school, and i was an engineer for 6 years when i left, I walked straight into engineering and pipe fitting it was cool worked on air compressors and its funny i think back, when we was having to install or remove big machines we’d use team work n think it out every room size or set of stairs at the end or roofs taken off to get them out just cladding ones haha, so each job was different like that, just blokes at work but id always call it the Egyptian method when wed use skids or chop pipe up to make rollers to put under them to move the bigger compressors, id plumb them in, in factories or plants, or dentists, or fun fairs, or army barracks, or garages, or clothing factories or aeroplane factories,, fire stations, anywhere that used compressed air and that’s everywhere, ive got spirit levels in me eye balls off making the pipes bang on level haha, i only worked there a few months and i was brilliant at it all i walked out of there when i turned 21 and asked for minimum wage and got a final written warning instead, i was earning them that much money as a kid they didn’t send me to college time was money to them so i got no paperwork to back all me good work up. 6 years later – #usedByBastards

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