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Latest Videos | Enchanted LifePath Tv #Uncensored

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 Latest Videos | Enchanted LifePath Tv #Uncensored
Enchanted LifePath Unfairly Censored By YouTubeWell Now I’ve Uncensored My Videos With My Website, Dailymotion Profile, And My Back Up YouTube Channel. Meaning I Can Now Comment On Videos Again, Subscribe To Channels, Track Sub Analytics And Become More Enchanted

Dailymotion A Main Feature Of Enchanted LifePath Allowing Me To Back Up All My Work Please Join Me.

My Back Up Channel Is Now My Main YouTube Channel, Live Feeds Can Still Be A Feature Of Enchanted LifePath.

Back Up Channel Live Shows

Direct Website Uploads
Original Enchanted LifePath Channel All My Videos

All My Live Feeds On Enchanted LifePath Tv

Google has an algorithm that unfairly targets breaking news stories by unmonetizing them solely based on the title of the video. This is patent discrimination against alternative media outlets that survive on YouTube for advertising revenue based on the content they create. Mainstream outlets bath in advertising revenue surrounding the reporting of terrorist attacks, murders and wars, yet Google deems these titles racy and unmonetizable based on the title alone. The explanation Google gives is that channels seek to leverage trending topics to gain views, with no substantial content. As a result of this reasoning, the algorithms are built to lump all who have such trending titles, deeming the videos unmonetizable. The end result is discrimination against independent researchers and news outlets, while much more racy channels, such as transsexuals on active estrogen therapy, enjoy full monetization, a large subscriber base and 6 digit views on every video. This is a violation of civil rights and is discriminatory against free thought and expression. Millions is lost in advertising revenue in the independent media every month on YouTube and it needs to stop now


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