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Missing Dog Owner Hopes For Return After 6 Years

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14256759_171342959939455_699698960_nJennifer Ball aged 30 from Halewood, Liverpool, was left distraught following the disappearance of her dog Bonnie. The dog was found to be missing from her grandmothers house around Christmas, on December the 20th, 2010.

After not giving up her search for 6 years, Jennifer had gained new information over the past 12 months regarding the whereabouts of Bonnie, a crossbreed Jack Russell Terrier/Whippet.

In October 2015, Bonnie was seen on Facebook pictures posted by a member of public who had just found her, Jennifer noticed the pictures and instantly recognised Bonnie.

Whilst making inquiries, Mrs Ball, a security worker at Liverpool John Lennon Airport, was on the phone to the out of hours dog warden where Bonnie was now being held as another painful twist occurred.

Any hopes of a happy return were quickly dashed as the wardens released Bonnie to another person who had approached the centre to claim Bonnie as their own lost dog.

Although Jennifer had proof she was the owner, including having Bonnie Micro-chipped, this mystery person was able to walk away with the missing family pet.

After seeking legal advice Mrs Ball was told Bonnie had not been legally reported as found by any potential new owners, meaning there was a potential crime of theft by finding.

Jennifer can not pursue any legal proceedings due to the high cost of a civil matter and has once again been left in despair after thinking her hopes had been answered.

She added, “I will not give up until I have her back, I have spent hours and hours on the phone to these people this year, I have many emails and letters and they have still made a mistake which has hurt me all over again”.

Anyone with further information please contact Liverpool Echo.

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