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Bertie The Snake Escapes From Owners Home In Oveston

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An 8 foot Boa Constrictor escaped from its home in Foxwell Rd, Oveston, this morning.

Bertie the snake is not a threat to members of the public, though it may be a danger to small pets and animals such as mice, rats and guinea pigs.

The Columbian may be lurking in the pipework in local residents’ homes as he is thought to have escaped via the toilet owner Brian Smith’s house who added:

‘’He couldn’t have got out through doors or windows, so I think he must have escaped down the toilet’.

‘’I know he might give people a bit of a scare but he wont attack humans – please just let the RSPCA or police know, they are handling the situation from now on’’

A Newshire Water spokesman said: ‘’we’re responsible for 20.000 miles of sewer god knows where it might end up’’.

Anyone who spots the snake should call 02924 333111.

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A huge snake has frightened a sewer worker this morning after a columbian Boa was reported missing on Wednesday.

Alec Evans, 48, a foreman in Newshire Water waste services department said: ”I was making a routine inspection of the main sewer under London Road, Oveston, this morning when I got a hell of a shock.

“I brushed against and saw it was a huge snake with a rat halfway down its throat.

”The snake was coiled around the rungs of a metal ladder and it just stared at me without moving.

“The light from my lamp was reflected in his eyes”.

Inspector Sam Brown, of the Oveston branch of the RSPCA said: ”Bertie is not a threat to people so I’m more concerned abut the snakes survival.

”He’s a cold blooded animal so I’m hoping that if he’s now fed he’ll of fond somewhere to curl up.

”The sewer where he was seen is about 500 yards from Foxwell Road.

”Brian Smith is an experienced snake owner who has helped us when reptiles have been brought to us in the past.

”I’ve spoken to him and i know this incident has come as a great shock to him.

”He’s very sorry for the fright he gave Mr Evans”.


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