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Second Rare Sky Event In 48 Hours As Enormous Double Rainbow Covers Rush Hour Liverpool Skyline

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Fantastic Double Rainbow Covers The Skies Of Liverpool:  Video By Enchanted LifePath TV LTD

In a week when the skies of Liverpool had already been the talk of the city, a rare double rainbow has stretched across the sky during, today’s late afternoon, rush hour.

As rain cleared the beautiful sight emerged through heavy clouds to dazzle a keen scouse sky gazer.


Carl, 32, director of Enchanted LifePath TV Alternative News & Media, a freelance journalist from Liverpool and local sky observer, was fast to photograph and film the huge double rainbow from Sandhills train station, Lambeth road, at 5pm today after missing the day from a journalism diploma at the City of Liverpool College with illness earlier in the day.

The double rainbows lasted for over 5 minutes as people across the city stopped and photographed the latest mile high spectacle to grace Liverpool this week with two rare sky events in just 48 hours.

Carl added:  ”This is quite a rare sight.

”I cover the skies of Liverpool a lot so this was fascinating for me to see something which I can do so much research into.

”I study a lot of symbols and meanings, I’m sure I could find a lot of info as I already know one of my American colleges in the YouTube industry, EnterThe5t4rz from California, has covered rainbows brilliantly in the past”.

Did you see the double rainbow send us your tweets. To @EnchantedLifeTV


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