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Donald Trump Smashes SIX ‘Fake News’ Outlets Out The Ball Park By Pulling White House Press Passes

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The fight back against fake news outlets has began with CNN being refused access to the pre-inauguration party, DeploraBall, with press passes not being handed out to the under fire news outlet after running a bias propaganda campaign against Trump during the 2016 elections.

CNN was treated like the trendy high school bitch who has been dropped like a hot cake after the arrival of a brand new bitch, with the refusal of entry to the highly anticipated event at the National Press Club tonight.

CNN also known as Crappy News Network by Enchanted LifePath TV, had requested entry to the glitzy gig but was emphatically stopped with a bitter sweet response from the event organisers MAGA 3X, who also banned BuzzFeed from attending after they published an invalid 32 page document about Trump last week.



Speaking at his first media conference last week Trump tore into fake news outlets stating: “We will sit down with news outlets individually, find out what they already know and fill them in with the information we feel they deserve according to how they’ve treated this administration.

“Some will get the whole story, like the tried and true Fox News and Breitbart and some will get next to nothing, like the horrible Politico and NPR.

“They’re gone. No more. Their press credentials won’t be re-issued. CNN, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, Univision and The New York Times will have to read about what happens in the White House.

Trump was asked if banning journalists from news outlets was legal he added: “With my new addition to the Supreme Court I AM the Constitution.

“The country elected me to lead, not be held back by ancient laws we can just change. We want jobs, a wall and to rip up the Iran deal. Period”.

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