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Enchanted Liverpool | Bootle’s Hidden Hex & 6 Pointed Star – Saturnalia Worship – The Baphomet

Share This: As always another little hunch spirals off into all sorts, stick around while I work on this article and main video about the findings I have made during what I thought was an innocent walk to the shop in the morning.. Enchanted Liverpool | Bootle’s Hidden Hex & 6 Pointed Star – Saturnalia Worship – The Baphomet. During a walk to the shops I decided to cut accross Bootle’s North Park, on Stanley road, L20, as I approached the Bootle Leisure Centre which is located within the grounds…

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Shock At Paedophiles Dream App Release – Facial Recognition App Reveals Facebook Accounts From Photos

Share This:  Petition “Block the release of FaceZam on iOs on March 21 2017, No facezam for paedophiles” Shock At Paedophiles Dream: Company’s imminent Release Of Facial Recognition App Which Reveals Facebook Profiles From Photographs Angers Campaigner. An app which has the capability of revealing a persons Facebook account within ten seconds, just from taking a photograph of them is due to be released on iOS, on March, 21, 2017. Anti-paedophile campaigners have spoken out angrily against the forthcoming release of the app called FaceZam after fears it may be exploited…

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WARNING Enchanted LifePath Under Severe Attack | New Attack Method 2017 Truthers Beware DANIAL JENELL Tactic

Share This: Click Link To View Danial Jenell Page With Over 274 Severe Copyright Breaches Against Enchanted LifePath TV Alternative news & Media LTD  This scum bag has began uploading up to 3000 of my videos and flagged all my videos for review meaning my channel was left hanging by a thread with YouTube community guideline strikes, which stopped me uploading any videos and doing any live streams. I have since had one lifted so I can now upload videos again but no live streams for 3 months while this idiot uploads…

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Capital of Chemtrails

Share This: #WakeUpLiverpool | Reality Check, How long is it before the kids start coming home from school drawing pictures of a house or a park with clouds in the sky but instead of the traditional cloud we all grew up seeing and drawing we will soon be seeing our childen drawing lines in the sky as clouds, the toxic fake clouds above our heads every day in Liverpool. Here Is A Playlist Of Every Chemtrail Video I Have Made. Please See The Extent Of The Spraying Odd as it…

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#TruthBomb | Proof The Bomb Was In The Ceiling Video Removed By ScrewTube #WeAreTheNews

Share This: The video below was removed by YouTube and the truth was punished, watch the video uncensored here. During the fall-out of the Brussels bombings, alleged footage from inside the airport was released by mainstream media showing the moments of the blast. Shortly after this footage came to light, sharp eye’d investigative researchers on YouTube spotted it was in fact not footage from Brussels on March 22 2016, but it was video taken from another airport attack,  in the international arrival hall of Moscow’s Domodedovo International, in Domodedovsky District,…

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UK Governments Incredible ‘Paedophile Pride Day’ Own Goal – Campaign Branded Offensive Joke

Share This: NEW UNITED KINGDOM PETITION – LINK TO SIGN & SHARE Paedophile content amnesty on paedophile pride day, Alice day, April 25, 2017. CLICK LINK TO SIGN INTERNATIONAL PETITION International paedophile content police amnesty on paedophile pride day, Alice day, April 25, 2017, get this off our streets now REPORT: UK Governments Incredible ‘Paedophile Pride Day’ Own Goal – Campaign Branded Offensive Joke A campaign to raise public awareness of an annual paedophile pride celebration, known as Alice day, has been branded nonsense by the government and a petition…

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