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The Humanity Rant WTF Is Going On In 2017 – Social Engineering – Monkey See Monkey Do Explained | The Sheeple List

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The Humanity Rant #WTF Is Going

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Does anaybody know how to spot the signs of social conditioning?

Has anyody ever heard the term social conditioning, then stood back a moment looked at themselves then every other person and you tell me if your own choices are totally yours, is your own fashion sense totally yours, is your fav food of the week ya own,how many people realise that by one person putting a purple background on a status followed by millions proves monkey see monkey do, but what do people use against us to play on the monkey see monkey do mentality?

They condition us a to the point where everyone wants their 4 year old to be a tranny, and if ya don’t think that’s coming go look at our trend setters America, all these mixed toilet fiascos are only dribbles of piss compared to the bigger swamp being created.

We’ve got men who have big muscles thinking they rule the roost, posing like fags, taking selfies like girls, but when they talk to girls they tell girls they want all sorts up their arses, true and half of these beefcakes know it so do all the girls, or its cool to have stupid looking puppy dog noses, been looking at puppy ears and noses for weeks, has anyone ever questioned logic once in 2017, why rya doing it, give me logic.

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What person in any walk of life wouldn’t say hang on a minute as if this does not make me look rediculous, are we living on another stupid planet where grandure is a heap of egotistical shit served on a sparkly plate.

Ever wondered why adverts bombard ya with so many messages, cos ya fall for them. Who really shapes your world?

I’ts time people snapped outa this social conditioning no one is unique yas all look, sound and act like clones, emotion is cloned, reactions to situsations are cloned and by cloned I mean adopted from the last person ya seen acting or thinking in such ways.

Thing is I doubt it for one second most people wold even be able to agree with the most basic i’ve said all week, because at the end of every day now yav got people feeling worse I can see broken souls everywhere no onre will admit it to themselves but people are lost more than ever now, ya cant tell me ya not when ya need the person on ya facebook to show you what trend ya need to be mentally involved in next. Look at relationships, look at every aspect of the modern day human, greedy trainwrecks with no stability, this is what we are passing down to the next generations, they are going to be left in such a mess it’s unreal.

But yano just carry on doing what everyone else does, thinking what they think, eating sleeping or shitting where they do, because until it all changes for the better human nature will never fail to make me sick to the back teeth of sharing the planet with a load of selfish greedy, needy unmoralistic wankers who dont kow their arse from their elbow but if hollyoaks comes on telly its shhhhhhh shhhhhhhh shhhhhhhh (don’t tell me to shut up so a telly can talk please, ever, il ruin the telly) well im fuckin sick of it I wont be bringing a kid into this idiots melting pot, without an ounce of trust left in the world, even for someone like me to sit ere and not trust a single thought one single person has is unreal, as i said at the stsart how many of you actually live ya own life???????? not one its like #IAmARobotWorld and no one’s on it.

I’ll walk the shops il see the fat stressed out looking woman dragging her 3 crying kids up the isle shouting at the kid, but then whats the kid know?? It’s only ever been shouted at by an uneducated lazy idiot who has an IQ of a goldfish for even arguing with a 2 year old all through a shop in the first place, rya mad?.

So carry on down the road yal see social mess after mess after mess, yal see kids who can hardly talk, cos all the mum does is say shut up this shut up that them houses if i even walked in one of them houses now id scream, welcome to the foundations of the future though we are setting them day in day out and no one can do a thing to stop it, yas are all being socially lead by social design and its fucked that ya can’t see it, i give up on yas all. If you have ever put a purple background status please delete me, if you have ever done anything what i am going on about delete me i can’t stand ya.

The countries brains have turned to shite end of and people can’t even feel it because its like a frog getting boiled in a pan, it does not feel it until it’s too late, mass destruction of the human race by design and ya can’t even feel it that’s how stupid it’s got, but by all means, #BeEnchanted, prove me wrong…… #FuckItGoWatchCorrieICantBeArsedWithYa

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