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Johnny Supertamp | Truth Community | #WeAreTheNews | Latest Videos

Share This: Follow Johnny And His Great Work Right Here, Exposing Cryptic Corkers On A Daily Basis You Will Love This Channel.   Johnny Supertramp 4 Johnny Supertramp 3 Tweets by RealJohnnyAya

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UNBELIEVABLE VIDEO: Grenfell Tower disaster parallels in House of Cards, 1993. This is sick

Share This: Grenfell Tower disaster parallels in House of Cards, 1993. from Al-Jazz on Vimeo. Originally broadcast on December 12th 1993, these edited excerpts from the BBC’s ‘House of Cards’ are incredibly prescient, in light of the events of last Tuesday. The obvious satirical commentary of the show highlights the withering opportunism of governments and media alike to jump on such stories. The points are made in general, but I found the arguments around social injustice, and the nature of the cause of the tragedy – a gas explosion in…

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Grenfell Tower Satanic Fire Ritual Happened June 13 Israel Year Of 58 – Fathers Day Attack Warning

Share This: I’ve been thinking the #Grenfell Tower fire will of happened, and be documented by press in other countries, as taking place on the 13th of June, places like Australia, America or India will of seen this on the 13th not the 14th, the breaking news posts in other countries will all say published on the 13th…. Time and date in Liverpool, United Kingdom right now as I am writing is 02:44 am, 18/06/2017. We see the time right now in New York is Saturday, 17 June 2017 (GMT-4) Time in New…

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#RiddleMeThis | The CLASH London CALLING & The TOWERING INFERNO | Combined Disaster Illuminati Game Card

Share This: Clash London Calling Towering Inferno Illuminati Combined Disaster Card   The Towering Inferno is a 1974 American action–drama disaster film produced by Irwin Allen featuring an all-star cast led by Paul Newman and Steve McQueen. Release date December 14, 1974 (1911) 1+9+7+4=21(3×7) 777 Running time 165 minutes (111) Country United States Language English Budget $14.000.000 (14+14=28) – World Trade Centre stood for 28 years with a bombing at the 14 year halfway, point as well as the final demolition job on 9/11   London Calling is the third…

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LIVE London Protests: Grenfell Tower Fire Fall-out | Temperer Watch

Share This: We need to expose the black op government sponsored provocateurs who will be setting fire to buildings and cars and blaming it on the people so they can use more force on the people, this is exactly how I’ve been saying it will play out, when the fires start trust me it won’t be the people setting them it will be hired shit stirring groups of people funded to provoke more anger, this is a very sad week for the freedom of the people of the United Kingdom…

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