What The Fuck Is Going On? Another Channel Suspended By Google!

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Enchanted LifePath TV Suspended By YouTube Without Any Strikes 


Enchanted LifePath TV Alternative News & Media LTD will be seeking legal action against YouTube and Google in the aftermath of losing yet another channel containing precious videos and work as well as another attack on my livelihood.

My latest channel has been suspended without any strikes placed on the channel, no content warnings, not a thing just an email to say I am banned off YouTube.

After two and a half years on YouTube I have had subscribers removed in the hundreds meaning my channel was never allowed to look like an attractive channel to visit, this kept my earnings very low until my original channel was stopped from earning any money in September 2016.

After going to journalism college, completing a business plan with the House of Chambers and registering Enchanted LifePath TV as a LTD company I have been stopped at every turn by YouTube and Google who offer no explanations for closing my work down on me time and time again.

As a registered freelance independent journalist I am governed by the IPSO code not YouTube, I fully understand what I am allowed to say and what I can not say or publish and at what times in relation to any possible court cases being harmed I also understand law reporting so I stay fully within .all boundaries at all times.

It is my duty to report things to the public which are of concern to the public, my privileges are being attacks and have been all along.

Enchanted LifePath


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