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Radio Enchanted LifePath Is Here | Tune In To The Future #BeEnchanted

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The Radio Player Below Is Also On The Home Page & In The Side Widgets, You Can Also See The Radio Schedule Via The Radio Enchanted LifePath Page. Please Use The Radio Player Anytime You Like.

What Does Radio Enchanted LifePath Have To Offer?

Uncensored Reports

Daily News

Daily Weather

Daily Air Quality Reports

Daily Stargazing Info

Live Shows

Enchanted LifePath TV Videos In mp3

Open Line Phone Ins


Cryptic Corner

Latest Website Posts

Truth Channels Today

Local Business Advertisements

Enchanted LifePath Sponsors & Partner Advertisements

Royalty Free Music

Unsigned Bands

New YouTube Channel For Radio Station

Radio Enchanted Truth Network


It has been quite a while since I have done any technical crafty smart arse stuff but setting up a radio station in the face of #ScrewTube adversity is quite a bold and Enchanted thing to do. So the story goes, I’m going to edit soundbites and jingles, ones for when the news is being read, ones for adverts, different little songs to set different moods in regards to what the show is about at any given moment. Next I can just go download all my videos into MP3 and put them all into playlists and reach out to other channels and say do you want your video featured on the radio show which will also be streamed live on TuneIn & Shoutcast via Persicope, Ustream, YouTube, DailyMotion, Facebook Live using my Live TV layout To have every show archived on all platforms and all available from the side widgets on the website so you can fully watch, read or listen to the show go on. Meaning if YouTube and their stupid shower of shits and knobheads think that they had me done and dusted you can now come and listen to me read every one of my website articles on air and see how many places it all ends up.

This is the most flexible thing I could of done because it links everything more and all I have to do is turn my content into audio and host me own live shows. Even my weather reports will be better than half the nonsense I hear and see on #ShameOnYouMainstreamNews platforms.

The shows won’t be aimed at a national listening age of 12. The playlist set up within it is going to be endless and it will have documented opinions on current and historical world events on a daily basis. Truth be told you can’t beat someone who searches for answers only to find more questions day in day out anyway. There’s no such thing as a problem, its just another little question that wants another little answer. Enchanted LifePath #WeAreTheNews.

Enchanted LifePath TV Alternative News & Media LTD

I am currently converting all of my videos from mp4 to mp3 and adding them to the radio station playlist until it covers over 24 hours without me being live but I can do a schedule next so people know when I will be live, it is going to be so flexible its unreal, I can do interviews, news sport and weather, play royalty free music and unsigned bands, promote Liverpool buskers because they are superb, broadcast truth on current and historical world events, I can play around with soundbites to give it a radio feel. Hosting phone ins has also been a big attraction in regards to this layout and people will be able to listen live & call in using phones, PCs, laptops and tablets. Local businesses can have adverts on the station which I can design and broadcast at a set time by any customer, there will be premium slots obviously. This is all backed up by years of work already gone into the brand and all of the related social media platforms. Although I have added a radio tab to the website menu, I am still setting all of this up so I will be making another page for the radio station as well as logos. Viewers to Enchanted LifePath TV will be able to send in requests on all of my work which they liked over the past to be covered in live broadcasts. The radio station now stands along side the website as the biggest part of Enchanted LifePath with YouTube being pushed out of the bed onto the couch with no covers or pillows. YouTube will still always be a part of this but now it is just an attachment. Next I will be embedding my own YouTube style live screen sharing set up into my computer and website making me even more independent from YouTube and the attacks on my work which they play a part in. Not to forget the Enchanted Observatory which is another new feature to the website and channels over the past few weeks. The Enchanted Observatory has a live telescope which I use to cover the lunar surface whilst other screens show the wider view of the sky with weather alerts and stargazing conditions and updated on the page daily. Please subscribe to the website for new post alerts, don’t miss a thing. This will continue to grow regardless of YouTube’s messing around. #WeAreTheNews

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