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Winter Olympics Feb 9 – 25 Ritual Watch – S. Korea NWO & Valentines Day

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Start of 2018 Winter Olympics February 9 – 40th day of the year – 2/9 9/2 = 119/911

In Pagan/Celtic religion, today’s date is Eyvlnd Kinarifi`s Day, February 9, is a day of remembrance because he was tortured to death by Olaf Tryggvason for refusing to convert to the new religion.

In history, on this day in 1951 there was emphasis on the Korean War: The two-day Geochang massacre began as a battalion of the 11th Division of the South Korean Army killed 719 unarmed citizens in Geochang, in the South Gyeongsang district of South Korea.

We have seen South Korea in the news heavily this week with many occultist references seen by viewers from around the world who have been bombarded with subliminal messages during the build up and opening ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang County, South Korea.

The event runs from February 9, through to the 25th with a few Pagan festivals coinciding with the games it is worth keeping an eye on these dates in regards to any bad situations arising.

We are approaching one of the most sacrificial times of year with the three hearts of Lupercalia prominent. The 13th of February (Parentalia) the 14th (Feast of Vali) and the 15th (Lupercalia) are key dates to look out for.

Feb 9 – Eyvlnd Kinarifi`s Day –  February 9, is a day of remembrance because he was tortured to death by Olaf Tryggvason for refusing to convert to the new religion.

Feb 10 – Prominent star is Venus – The morning star also known as Lucifer.

Feb 12 – First blank date on the Pagan calendar over the time in question – This may be significant because during 2017 a lot of attacks happened on “Blank Dates”. I coined this phrase in 2017 after noticing most highlighted events in 2016 all happened on dates in-line with a specific festival whereas in 2017 they mostly happened on the blank dates in-between festivals and key dates.

Feb 13 – Parentalia – Roman festival for honouring one’s dead parents. Families gathered among the tombs of loved ones and made offerings or sacrifices of grain and wine to their souls. The Parentalia was the first of three Roman festivals in February for appeasing the dead which started on the Ides and lasted until the 22nd. It typically fell on February 13 or 15, and was followed by the Feralia and Caristia. During this time all temples were closed, marriages were forbidden, and public officials suspended business for the duration of the festivals.

Feb 14 – Feast of Vali (Valentines day) – Sacred to Vali and best known as Valentines day by the Western world this has proven itself to be one of the most sacrificial dates of the satanic calendar over the years with anything from plane crashes and other human sacrifices such as the drawn out Oscar Pistorius affair or the Facebook Live shootings of 2017 when a 2 year old boy was amongst reported victims in another dubious event to mark the Feast of Vali. Along with Christmas, Easter, Mothers day, Halloween, Bon-fire night and other dates people blindly celebrate, Valentines day is a perfect example of repackaged ancient traditions which can be traced back to Babylon and its mystery teachings. Today we see people sending loved ones romantic gestures such as gifts and cards with love hearts a common theme. But in Roman times it was celebrated by naked Roman soldiers chasing women through streets whipping them with the raw goat and dog skins they had obtained at the earlier sacrifice. Roman Emperor Claudius II was the reason the date was renamed Valentines day after he killed two men called Valentine on February 14. The Catholic church commemorated their deaths by officially recognising it as Valentines day. In A.D. 496, Pope Gelasius effectively banned Valentines day as they knew it and combined the catholic version with parts of the Pagan celebration, removing bloodshed but keeping the fertility rituals.

Feb 15 – Lupercalia – The Lupercalia like most of the dates discussed here requires human sacrifice and was a very ancient, pre-Roman pastoral festival, held on February 15 to honor Faunus, pagan god of fertility and forests. Lupercalia subsumed Februa, an earlier-origin spring cleansing ritual held on the same date, which gives the month of February (Februarius) its name. As well as human blood offerings a male goat is also sacrificed at the Alter of Lupercalia as well as  a dog. The ritual was observed by Jupiter’s high priest. It is also a celebration of how Rome got its name when Romulus killed his Twin brother Remus on on one of the seven hills of Rome. The twins were raised by a wolf called Lupa. This date also falls one month before the Ides of March  which is when Julius Caesar was stabbed in the back as Rome was liberated in 44BC. Two months later on April 15 it is the start of the Willow Tree month along with the Fordica festival when a pregnant cow was sacrificed, the calf fetus burned and the ashes saved for the Parilia festival. Fordica was marked with the Hillsborough disaster in a modern day ritual leaving the highly masonic number 96 etched into all our memories.

Feb 16 – Chinese New Year begins – Chinese new year starts on the 16th and don’t we just know it in Liverpool with a host of Masonic buildings already lit up in red around the city. From, February 9 to October 28, you would be forgiven for thinking Liverpool City Centre has been turned into Amsterdam’s red-light district. It not only keeps up the Asian theme (which relates back to the Dragon bloodline), it also points us back to the fire at the Liverpool Echo Arena car-park on New Years eve. This is something we are going to look at further down the article so be sure to read it all.

Feb 17 Quirinalia – Yet another Roman God of war being celebrated on this day as Quirinus is honoured by Pagans.

Feb 18 – Start of Ash Celtic Tree month – see below for more tree references and meanings.

Feb 19 – Start of Wolf month – 19th Feburary – 20th March – The Blustery Winds Time. Direction: North by North East. Element – Water with Air. Plant -Plaintain. Mineral: Jade. Function – To understand.

Feb 22 – Feralia (2/22)  – Feralia was a Roman feast honouring the “infernal powers”. It typically fell on February 22 and was the last day of the Parentalia, a week-long festival that honoured the dead. The Feralia was also religious holiday sacred to Jupiter, whose surname was Feretrius. Also, is a powerful demon in Danilo and Fernando’s story. This date falls one month before March 22 also known as 322 which is celebrates the Hilaria festival and was marked by the Brusselss bombings and the 2017 Westminster attacks in London.

Feb 24 – Regifugium – Regifugium or Fugalia was an annual observance that took place every February 24. In Latin, the name of the observance transparently means “flight of the king.”  What exactly this observance was occasioned by is a matter of some controversy. According to Varro and Ovid, this was a festival commemorating the flight of the last king of Rome, Tarquinius Superbus, in 510 BC.

Feb 25 – End of Winter Olympics – Sunday. 

2018 Winter Olympics venues and hidden secrets


It is no accident that this structure is shaped like a Baphomet style pentagon and it is also by design that its lighting theme is purple but what is the meaning of this? Why do I point these out? I will explain to people who would not usually read an article like this but for those who are aware I will still make it interesting for you too. Let’s go….


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How many plane crashes can we count on the Feast of Vali aka Valentines Day?

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