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Shock At Paedophiles Dream App Release – Facial Recognition App Reveals Facebook Accounts From Photos

Share This:  Petition “Block the release of FaceZam on iOs on March 21 2017, No facezam for paedophiles” Shock At Paedophiles Dream: Company’s imminent Release Of Facial Recognition App Which Reveals Facebook Profiles From Photographs Angers Campaigner. An app which has the capability of revealing a persons Facebook account within ten seconds, just from taking a photograph of them is due to be released on iOS, on March, 21, 2017. Anti-paedophile campaigners have spoken out angrily against the forthcoming release of the app called FaceZam after fears it may be exploited…

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Capital of Chemtrails

Share This: [liveflightradar] Here Is A Playlist Of Every Chemtrail Video I Have Ever Made. Please See The Extent Of The Attack From Above After Coming Back from Spending Most Of The Year In Spain, Upon My Return To The UK, one Of the First Things I Noticed Was The Amount of Chemtrails I Could see In The Skies Of Liverpool And Seeing A US Military Cargo Plane The Biggest In The World, Doing low Flying Populated City Drills Again Over Liverpool, I Thought It Was Best To Document These…

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#TruthBomb | Proof The Bomb Was In The Ceiling Video Removed By ScrewTube #WeAreTheNews

Share This: The video below was removed by YouTube and the truth was punished, watch the video uncensored here. During the fall-out of the Brussels bombings, alleged footage from inside the airport was released by mainstream media showing the moments of the blast. Shortly after this footage came to light, sharp eye’d investigative researchers on YouTube spotted it was in fact not footage from Brussels on March 22 2016, but it was video taken from another airport attack,  in the international arrival hall of Moscow’s Domodedovo International, in Domodedovsky District,…

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UK Governments Incredible ‘Paedophile Pride Day’ Own Goal – Campaign Branded Offensive Joke

Share This: NEW UNITED KINGDOM PETITION – LINK TO SIGN & SHARE Paedophile content amnesty on paedophile pride day, Alice day, April 25, 2017. CLICK LINK TO SIGN INTERNATIONAL PETITION International paedophile content police amnesty on paedophile pride day, Alice day, April 25, 2017, get this off our streets now REPORT: UK Governments Incredible ‘Paedophile Pride Day’ Own Goal – Campaign Branded Offensive Joke A campaign to raise public awareness of an annual paedophile pride celebration, known as Alice day, has been branded nonsense by the government and a petition…

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#BREAKING | World’s First #Transgender Doll Hits New York Toy Fair – Jazz Jennings

Share This: A new toy billed as the world’s “first transgender doll” has created a buzz on social media. Thousands of tweets about the product unveiled by the Tonner Doll Company have been posted since it was announced that the doll would make its first appearance at this week’s New York Toy Fair. The doll is modelled on a teenage activist who was born a boy, but lives as a female. Jazz Jennings shot to fame when she was interviewed about her gender dysphoria by US TV presenter Barbara Walters….

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