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Dirty Sound Magnet | @DirtySoundMagnet – Truth Tunes | Playlist

Share This: DirtySoundMagnet    Hi Enchanted LifePath,   we love your channel. it even inspired us to create our music video called Homo Economicus. We think it would fit perfectly on your playlist. Would be great if you could share it! It’s about Money-making (hints at the Illuminati). It’s a violent and dystopian interpretation of our world. It’s part of a concept album called Western Lies. The album tells the truth so we need underground channels like yours to promote it. Link to the music video: Dirty Sound Magnet – Homo…

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North Korean News | LIVE | 24/7 | WW3 Build Up Live News Streams

Share This: Live North Korean News

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Share This: CLICK TO JOIN Have you thought about starting a Patreon page? You definitely should! I hope you like my work and continue to follow the journey as Enchanted Lifepath grows each day, as I learn more, I can pass on more to my followers, this is not set up to get money from anybody, I would accept pledges from companies but I would like to keep my morals in place and request no public donations please, I would like you to spend you rmoney on your family. You…

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BREAKING NEWS Ladbrokes Partner 

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Truth, Whole Truth & Nothing But The Truth – Terra-forming Your Mind | THE MOVIE (2017)

Share This: Truth, Whole Truth & Nothing But The Truth – Terra-forming Your Mind | THE MOVIE (2017) Enchanted LifePath TV 2017   This is a short movie about how I see the way the world has been shaped by what we see in the movies, on television and in computer games. This film highlights the future of war, technology and how the knowledge we have gained is being used against humanity instead of for our benefit. Please enjoy the work I put into telling this story, beginning with a…

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