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Carol’s Law Petition: Re-Diagnosis and inquest into mental health diagnosis & treatments

Share This: Carol’s Law Petition: Re-Diagnosis and inquest into mental health diagnosis & treatments. Please Sign Petition & Share CLICK IMAGE My mother Carol was diagnosed with Picks disease in 2006. Her mother Margaret died of Alzheimer’s in the late 1990’s. My sister has been diagnosed with Antiphospholipid syndrome (APS), sometimes known as Hughes syndrome, a disorder of the immune system that causes an increased risk of blood clots. My sister found information through a diagnosis of Hughes disease on her self which suggested our mums diagnosis of picks disease,…

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NHS | What it does

Share This: WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT The Department of health Strategic leadership and funding for both health and social care in England. Ministerial department supported by 23 agencies and public bodies. NHS England An independent body. Sets priorities and directions of the NHS to improve health and care outcomes in England. Five Year Forward View sets out future vision for the NHS. Commissions and primary care services. Manages around £100 billion of the NHS budget. Allocates resources to Clinical commission Groups. Clinical Commissioning Groups Clinically lead statutory NHS bodies responsible…

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NATIONAL HEALTH ALERT: Liverpool Air Quality Level Dropped By 2/3 Overnight? UK LEVELS DANGEROUS RIGHT NOW

Share This: EXCLUSIVE: NEW LOW AIR QUALITY READING 127 LIVERPOOL NOW OFFICIALLY #UNHEALTHY Here you will see how i have documented the air quality levels around Liverpool and the whole of the UK. Liverpool has a dangerously high score, one of the worst in the UK this has happened over 24 hours NOTE: This score was 110 when i fell asleep at 4am, it is now 07:34am and Liverpool has a score of 127 and Cambridge is now a disturbing 199 this is not safe at all and needs addressing…

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TURMERIC | Golden Milk – 5000 Year Old Miracle Herb – Recipe

Share This: 5000 Year Old Medicinal Super Herb Available At Supermarkets But Do Consumers Know It’s Hidden Secrets?   This spice has many health benefits and has been scientifically tested over 6000 times to prove it’s medicinal qualities since creating quite a frenzy in the alternative medicine industry. For two years now I have been aware of the super spice with advanced healing properties commonly found in meals in Asia and the Middle East. Recently, I was in a local supermarket and seen it in the spice section for just…

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Chemtrails Detox Information For Your Home And Body

Share This: Chemtrails Detox Information For Your Home And Body WAKE UP PEOPLE! Geoengineering to our planet is happening now in the form of chemtrails through Government experiments and actions with an agency called HAARP to alter and control weather patterns with weather modification technology that can also to shield radar tracking signals! A growing concern is that chemtrails including biological, toxic heavy metals, radiation and chemical experiments are also being done in preparation to control and reduce the human population on our planet by spreading viruses and disease. Proof…

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