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Share This: Enchanted LifePath TV Alternative News & Media LTD | Investigative Journalist | Research | Presenter | Film Maker | Liverpool, UK #WeAreTheNews CLICK IMAGE TO READ MY FIRST ARTICLE Has The World Turned It’s Back On America? | No #PrayForAmerica Campaign    **IMPORTANT NEW VIDEO LAYOUT INFO**  WATCH NEW ENCHANTED LIFEPATH VIDEOS ON WEBSITE ONLY BOOKMARK LINK   ENCHANTED LIFEPATH ON BEFORE ITS NEWS http://beforeitsnews.com/contributor/pages/591/572/bio.html    VISIT WEBSITE http://EnchantedLifePath.com    ENTERTHE5T4RZ http://EnterThe5t4rz.com   iLIVEWORLDNEWS WEBSITE  http://iLiveWorldNews.com    EMAIL [email protected]    Follow My Posts On Blogger http://enchantedlifepath.blogspot.co.uk/    Follow…

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Liverpool couple confused by Halloween clocks mystery

Share This: A  Liverpool couple have been left puzzled after waking up to find two clocks had stopped at the same time on Sunday, October, 30, 2016. Jennifer Ball, 30, Halewood, awoke on Sunday morning to find strange activity on three clocks in her home with two stopped exactly at 07:10 am. The third clock stopped at 11:15 am but even more unexplained occurrences took place with the third clock face being turned upside down from inside. Jennifer Ball, security worker, Liverpool John Lennon airport, said: “I woke up and…

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Playhouse Evacuated During The Rivals Show

Share This: Liverpool’s playhouse theater was evacuated on Friday during the Rivals show with the audience, staff and cast members told to leave the building after a fire alarm was activated. A message could be heard over the speakers inside the building  ordering the immediate evacuation of the popular Playhouse at around 21:20pm.. The audience remained upbeat as they left the building and were directed towards the fire meeting point outside Paddy Power opposite the playhouse on Williamson Square. A member of staff said: ”Thank you for your co-operation and…

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Liverpool Comedy Festival is totally Cramptamonium

Share This: Liverpool Echo Laughter House stand up comedian of the year finalist Top Joe prepared for Thursdays finals by launching a new word in bid to have it used in the English dictionary on Saturday night. Joe was performing in front of a closely packed crowd at 81 Renshaw, for Funny Looking Fringe, a comedy umbrella for local talent set up by owner Gaz Cross at the 2016 Liverpool Comedy Festival. Joe was typically sharp and funny as he built up to the big reveal of his quirky new…

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Liverpool Air Quality Levels Drop To Unhealthy In Sudden Pollution Spike

Share This: In the early hours of Thursday morning alarm bells were ringing as air quality levels in Liverpool began to drop rapidly towards dangerous levels. The mystery pollution swept over Liverpool and lingered in the air until later on in the evening with over half a million people unaware. Levels were being monitored from around 1am thursday morning by Enchanted LifePath TV LTD, a Liverpool based alternative news platform using aqicn

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NATIONAL HEALTH ALERT: Liverpool Air Quality Level Dropped By 2/3 Overnight? UK LEVELS DANGEROUS RIGHT NOW

Share This: EXCLUSIVE: NEW LOW AIR QUALITY READING 127 LIVERPOOL NOW OFFICIALLY #UNHEALTHY Here you will see how i have documented the air quality levels around Liverpool and the whole of the UK. Liverpool has a dangerously high score, one of the worst in the UK this has happened over 24 hours NOTE: This score was 110 when i fell asleep at 4am, it is now 07:34am and Liverpool has a score of 127 and Cambridge is now a disturbing 199 this is not safe at all and needs addressing…

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Missing Dog Owner Hopes For Return After 6 Years

Share This: Jennifer Ball aged 30 from Halewood, Liverpool, was left distraught following the disappearance of her dog Bonnie. The dog was found to be missing from her grandmothers house around Christmas, on December the 20th, 2010. After not giving up her search for 6 years, Jennifer had gained new information over the past 12 months regarding the whereabouts of Bonnie, a crossbreed Jack Russell Terrier/Whippet. In October 2015, Bonnie was seen on Facebook pictures posted by a member of public who had just found her, Jennifer noticed the pictures…

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