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Occult Liverpool F.C: The Biblical Transfers That Nobody Noticed

Share This:   Roberto Firmino number 9 Mohammad Salah number 11   Sadio Mane number 19  Liverpool’s front 3 = The 9/11 Attack   How long will It be before newspapers roll out with this as a headline? #BeEnchanted Liverpool Football Club is a subject we have discussed many times over the years on Enchanted LifePath. My first real investigations into the occult were all based around the club I had supported all my life. I am now 33 years old and this summer has been quite revealing to me…

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The Royal Family & The Missing Children Of The World – Sacrifices Exposed

Share This: The Royal Family & The Missing Children Of The World – Human Sacrifices Exposed LIVE INVESTIGATION Streamed live on Apr 26, 2016 http://EnchantedLifePath.com Enchanted LifePath TV Alternative News & Media LTD Daily Alternative Media Reports From Enchanted LifePath TV, An Alternative Media News Channel On YouTube Supported By The Website Delivering More Truth In A Day Than The Mainstream Media Has Reported In My Entire Life. Opening One Set Of Eyes At A Time. Stepping Stones Like Stars

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Trafalgar Square, London | Major Event Watch | Live Cams 24/7 | 2016

Share This: CLICK LINK TO WATCH LIVE CAMS London: Trafalgar Square − Live Web Cam — Play 24 hours London Skyline Past 24 Hours Updated Stills Knightsbridge: London Skyline from the Sheraton Park Tower — Play 24 hours London Tower 24 Hour Updated Stills London: Tower Bridge — Play 24 hours

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