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LIVE London Protests: Grenfell Tower Fire Fall-out | Temperer Watch

Share This: We need to expose the black op government sponsored provocateurs who will be setting fire to buildings and cars and blaming it on the people so they can use more force on the people, this is exactly how I’ve been saying it will play out, when the fires start trust me it won’t be the people setting them it will be hired shit stirring groups of people funded to provoke more anger, this is a very sad week for the freedom of the people of the United Kingdom…

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George Lees | Latest Videos | #WeAreTheNews

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UK Governments Incredible ‘Paedophile Pride Day’ Own Goal – Campaign Branded Offensive Joke

Share This: NEW UNITED KINGDOM PETITION – LINK TO SIGN & SHARE Paedophile content amnesty on paedophile pride day, Alice day, April 25, 2017. CLICK LINK TO SIGN INTERNATIONAL PETITION International paedophile content police amnesty on paedophile pride day, Alice day, April 25, 2017, get this off our streets now REPORT: UK Governments Incredible ‘Paedophile Pride Day’ Own Goal – Campaign Branded Offensive Joke A campaign to raise public awareness of an annual paedophile pride celebration, known as Alice day, has been branded nonsense by the government and a petition…

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Paedophile Hunters Victory As Facebook Video of Kyle Fourie Pursuit Gets Millions of Views

Share This: Paedophile hunter group Trap scored a huge victory for members of the public after uploading a video to Facebook showing the end results of his own citizen investigation into a paedophile after using social media to arrange a meeting with him outside a children’s school. The video which now has 618.000 views shows the moment a Trap member confronts Kyle Fourie who believed he was meeting a 13 year old boy in Southampton after explicit conversations online. Kyle Fourie had engaged in sexual conversations in an attempt to…

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Solar Power Systems Save $1000! Personal Energy Independence is Here

Share This: SAVE $1000 | Personal Energy Independence is Here | Solar Power System Installations | USA CALL 888-400-9198 QUOTING PROMO CODE ”LIFEPATH” TO SAVE $1000 ON YOUR INSTALLATION Click here to learn about our Special Pricing for ALL Military (active/retired), Police, Fire, Teachers, EMS, and Seniors. Would you like to speak to one of our specialists? If you have questions about how Get National Solar can help convert your home or office to solar, call us toll-free at 888-400-9198, or fill out the contact form below. We look forward to answering…

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