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Dirty Sound Magnet | @DirtySoundMagnet – Truth Tunes | Playlist

Share This: DirtySoundMagnet    Hi Enchanted LifePath,   we love your channel. it even inspired us to create our music video called Homo Economicus. We think it would fit perfectly on your playlist. Would be great if you could share it! It’s about Money-making (hints at the Illuminati). It’s a violent and dystopian interpretation of our world. It’s part of a concept album called Western Lies. The album tells the truth so we need underground channels like yours to promote it. Link to the music video: Dirty Sound Magnet – Homo…

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POPULATION CONTROL | Is The Time Of Pregnancy Being Reduced In Modern Era – Dangerous Premature Birth Rates Point To A Shocking Humanitarian Decline

Share This: By Enchanted LifePath Contributor profile | More stories Depopulation Control | Is The Time Of Pregnancy Being Reduced In Modern Era? – Dangerous Premature Birth Rates Point To A Shocking Humanitarian Decline (Enchanted On Before It’s News) Forgive me for thinking this result looks like something evil carved into the Georgia Guide Stones, but information from the World Health Organisation (WHO), tells us that as the figures continue to get worse, and the long-term knock-on effects, of premature births, pretty soon we will be living even shorter, less able lives. The future…

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The Humanity Rant WTF Is Going On In 2017 – Social Engineering – Monkey See Monkey Do Explained | The Sheeple List

Share This: The Humanity Rant #WTF Is Going Does anaybody know how to spot the signs of social conditioning? Has anyody ever heard the term social conditioning, then stood back a moment looked at themselves then every other person and you tell me if your own choices are totally yours, is your own fashion sense totally yours, is your fav food of the week ya own,how many people realise that by one person putting a purple background on a status followed by millions proves monkey see monkey do, but what…

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Paloma Faith Upside Down | Satanic Music Industry – As Above So Below

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Is There Proof Hillary Clinton had Sexual Intercourse With That Woman? – Huma Abedin Affair Exposed

Share This: After reports broke about FBI Director James Comey reopening an investigation into the emails of Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin has came to the core of the story, but who is she?, and how close is Hillary to her top democratic aid?. Both women are no stranger to sex scandals, Hillary supported husband Bill Clinton during his Monica Lewinski affair, whilst Huma Abedin was in the public eye after her husband, New York Congressman, Anthony Weiner, who she split from after he was involved in a sexting investigation after…

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