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SHOCKING Hillsborough Blood Sacrifice Mockery | The 96 Ritual Meaning | LIVE

Share This: SHOCKING Hillsborough Blood Sacrifice Mockery | The 96 Ritual Meaning | LIVE CLICK IMAGE BELOW TO GO TO THE ARTICLE RIGHT AWAY THIS IS UNREAL

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NEW TRUTH | Hillsborough Blood Sacrifice – 96 Liverpool F.C Fans Killed – Huge Cover Up

Share This: Hillsborough Blood Sacrifice Another in-depth look into the events which lead to the 96 blood sacrifice deaths of Liverpool football club supporters, and the huge cover-up of truth after Hillsborough on, April, 15, 1989. Uploaded to Enchanted LifePath TV 2017. Originally streamed on iLiveWorldNews. Liverpool FC Hillsborough 89  Manchester UTD Munich 58 Bradford Stadium Fire 85 – Football Blood Sacrifice Rituals iLiveWorldNews

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STOP MURDOCH | Media Reform Coalition UK | #WeAreTheNews

Share This: His first attempt to buy out Britain’s monopoly satellite broadcasting platform in 2011 was doomed by the unraveling phone hacking scandal. Now Murdoch is trying once again to consolidate his grip on the UK media in a move on Sky that was announced late on a Friday afternoon, pre-Christmas, and post Parliamentary recess. David Yelland, former editor of the Sun, told Channel 4 News “I don’t think there will be much opposition to this”. We must prove him wrong and not allow this further extension of Murdoch’s media power to go…

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Share This: The management at Enchanted LifePath tv would like to publicly state that we have no connection, either personal or commercial to the S*n Newspaper or any of its affiliate companies. We publicly denounce this organisation. Any subject matter appearing in the S*n newspaper or any of its affiliate publications which originated from Enchanted LifePath tv has been lifted or copied from other national or local newspapers or internet services. Enchanted life path tv have supplied no quotes, reported no facts, written no stories or approved the use of…

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ITV Film Total Eclipse Of The S*n Cabbies For December Documentary

Share This: Six taxi drivers supporting the Total eclipse of the s*n campaign met up with ITV film makers in Liverpool today to shoot part of a documentary based on the Hillsborough disaster, from the exposure series due to be aired in December. Members of Total Eclipse of The S*n arrived at Everton Brow at 11:00 am, Wednesday morning, in their trademark, eye catching, hackney cabs to provide even more colour to an already bright campaign which aims to spread the message of don’t sell the s^n, don’t buy the…

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