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WARNING Enchanted LifePath Under Severe Attack | New Attack Method 2017 Truthers Beware DANIAL JENELL Tactic

Share This: Click Link To View Danial Jenell Page With Over 274 Severe Copyright Breaches Against Enchanted LifePath TV Alternative news & Media LTD  This scum bag has began uploading up to 3000 of my videos and flagged all my videos for review meaning my channel was left hanging by a thread with YouTube community guideline strikes, which stopped me uploading any videos and doing any live streams. I have since had one lifted so I can now upload videos again but no live streams for 3 months while this idiot uploads…

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Paedophile Hunters Victory As Facebook Video of Kyle Fourie Pursuit Gets Millions of Views

Share This: Paedophile hunter group Trap scored a huge victory for members of the public after uploading a video to Facebook showing the end results of his own citizen investigation into a paedophile after using social media to arrange a meeting with him outside a children’s school. The video which now has 618.000 views shows the moment a Trap member confronts Kyle Fourie who believed he was meeting a 13 year old boy in Southampton after explicit conversations online. Kyle Fourie had engaged in sexual conversations in an attempt to…

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Who Built The Moon? – David Icke – The Lion Sleeps No More

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BUSTED MOON HOAX LIVE | LOL Fake #CGI Lunar Views From The Japanese #SELENE Orbiter

Share This: This Looks More Like Toy Story Or Metal Gear Solid In Space Than Moon Footage, I Have Played Better Looking PS2 Games, This Is No More Than Walt Disney CGI At It’s Worst I Have Ever Seen.

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UK | NI child abuse inquiry recommends payoffs but denies 73 year cover-up

Share This: UK | NI child abuse inquiry recommends payoffs but denies 73 year cover-up by UK Intel agencies Enchanted LifePath TV Alternative News & Media LTD

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