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Truth, Whole Truth & Nothing But The Truth – Terra-forming Your Mind | THE MOVIE (2017)

Share This: Truth, Whole Truth & Nothing But The Truth – Terra-forming Your Mind | THE MOVIE (2017) Enchanted LifePath TV 2017   This is a short movie about how I see the way the world has been shaped by what we see in the movies, on television and in computer games. This film highlights the future of war, technology and how the knowledge we have gained is being used against humanity instead of for our benefit. Please enjoy the work I put into telling this story, beginning with a…

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Share This: #TRUMP ORDERS COMPLETE GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN – PUBLISHES EMERGENCY PLANS Dave Acton Checking In Published on Apr 21, 2017 Trump Has No Leverage in the Government-Shutdown Fight…/trump-has-no-leverage-in-the-government-shutdown-fight.html 4 hours ago – No one has more to lose from a shutdown than Trump. And no one is demanding bigger concessions to prevent one.

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April 21 Green Moon Played Down, But Was It An Attack Omen For 111th Day Of Year | Build-up To May 1

Share This: As I was working away on a video edit for my YouTube channel, a friend messaged me on the Enchanted LifePath Facebook Page to ask me if I had heard anything about the ‘Green Moon’ on April 21, 2017. He told me it was being played down by a few news outlets and not being ran by any mainstream news platforms, this made me think there must be a reason this is being cast into our minds, so I took five minutes to go find all I needed to…

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Unreal Family Of Crisis Actors Award Winning Performance Live On TV | Cleveland Killer/Victim Hoax? (Video)

Share This: Click Link To Visit Facebook Page: Enchanted LifePath TV Alternative News & Media LTD I have seen these crisis actor clowns at play far too many times, leaving me with a natural instinct to not only spot a lie, I can spot the facial expressions, the odd quotes, or scripts they follow, the narratives, the body language and above all the deception behind each staged event. From Paris to Berlin, Orlando or the quite laughable Virginia fake reporter live shooting fiasco. I have covered so many now it is…

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Paedophile Hunters Victory As Facebook Video of Kyle Fourie Pursuit Gets Millions of Views

Share This: Paedophile hunter group Trap scored a huge victory for members of the public after uploading a video to Facebook showing the end results of his own citizen investigation into a paedophile after using social media to arrange a meeting with him outside a children’s school. The video which now has 618.000 views shows the moment a Trap member confronts Kyle Fourie who believed he was meeting a 13 year old boy in Southampton after explicit conversations online. Kyle Fourie had engaged in sexual conversations in an attempt to…

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