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Emma Stevie Parsons Green Crisis Actor & Make-up Artist Caught Out #WeAreTheNews

Share This: Who Is She? Who Is She? Where Did You Find Her?   She is Emma Stevie, the Parsons Green bombing crisis actor and fake witness. Emma is also a film production standard make-up artist graduate from the Delamar make up academy which is based at the famous Ealing Film Studios, Essex. Emma once met one of the most highly regarded make-up artists in the world, Mary Greenwell, who Emma dubbed the ‘Godmother of Make-up’ in her blog after meeting Mary who was Princess Diana’s make-up artist. Mary has…

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Annie Logical | Truth Channels | #WeAreTheNews – Latest Videos

Share This: Annie Logical

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Grenfell Tower To Finsbury Park – London Bridge & Camden Tower Block Via Regents Park The Baphomet Pentagram & The Outer Circle Map

Share This: Grenfell Tower To Finsbury Park – London Bridge & Camden Tower Block Via Regents Park The Baphomet Pentagram & The Outer Circle Map.   This is pretty simple to explain, let’s go…. Grenfell Tower is located to the far left of the map, London bridge and borough market attacks took place directly to the right of Grenfell Tower, then if we go north we hit Finsbury Park, the location of the seven sisters attack on the Muslim community, last we come down on an angle back towards Grenfell…

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#TruthBomb | Manchester Arena Sprinkler System No Show Raises Questions About Bomb Validity

Share This:   After scanning countless videos of the fall-out footage taken at the Manchester Arena, I am still struggling to see any truly convincing evidence which is documented in the public domain, showing that an actual bomb went off and/or any structural damage or injuries consistent with a bomb remain to be seen. PROOF THE BOMBING WAS STAGED OVER VARIOUS TAKES THIS IS EXCLUSIVE INFORMATION One sign of a bomb would be the sprinkler systems fitted throughout the arena which will work inline with the emergency interface which will…

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April 21 Green Moon Played Down, But Was It An Attack Omen For 111th Day Of Year | Build-up To May 1

Share This: As I was working away on a video edit for my YouTube channel, a friend messaged me on the Enchanted LifePath Facebook Page to ask me if I had heard anything about the ‘Green Moon’ on April 21, 2017. He told me it was being played down by a few news outlets and not being ran by any mainstream news platforms, this made me think there must be a reason this is being cast into our minds, so I took five minutes to go find all I needed to…

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