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Hillsborough Shocker: Liverpool Company Printing The Sun Newspaper

Share This: A man is being hailed as a local hero after exposing a Liverpool based company for secretly printing The Sun newspaper in the city which has refused to have any association with the tabloid after their sickening coverage of the Hillsborough tragedy in 1989. Sam Walker filmed himself whilst questioning staff at NewsPrinters on Coppers Lane, Knowsley, who sheepishly confirmed the paper was printed by the company who have operated within the city since 2007. Mr Walker posted two videos on Facebook which have received a combined 40.000…

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SHOCKING Hillsborough Blood Sacrifice Mockery | The 96 Ritual Meaning | LIVE

Share This: SHOCKING Hillsborough Blood Sacrifice Mockery | The 96 Ritual Meaning | LIVE CLICK IMAGE BELOW TO GO TO THE ARTICLE RIGHT AWAY THIS IS UNREAL

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APPLE IOS 9.3.1 The Number Of Judgement – Settings Logo Kali/Shiva CERN 666 Apple Turns 40 – HUGE WARNING

Share This: iOS UPDATE 9.3.1 – The Number Of Judgement – CERN – The Apple Settings Logo Is CERN – The Update From Hell 13 DAY SEASON OF SACRIFICE #BAAL #DENVER DOLLS (44) APPLE UPDATE 9.3.1 #CERN NUMBER OF JUDGEMENT APRIL 19 – MAY 1st – THE 13 DAY SEASON OF SACRIFICE BELTANE THEY WANT TO KILL KIDS -#BAAL WARNING #BAAL DENVER DOLL HEAD MYSTERY #Syracuse – Evil Twins #Liverpool, New York- WARNING HUGE DISCOVERY Brussels & Denver Airport The 322 223 Skull & Bones Link #Exposed – #Brussels Terror…

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#Hillsborough Decoded: #Research From #Documentary – DID YOU KILL OUR 96 – The Planned Massacre #Exposed – #WeAreTheNews

Share This:   Here Is A List Of Notes Taken From The Documentary Did You Kill Our 96 #WeAreTheNews DATES & TIMES April 15 1989 – 15/04/89  15:00pm Kick-off 3pm = 1+5=6 (6=33) 15:06pm Time Match Called Off – 03:06 = 666 15:15 Coroners Fake Verdict 1+5=6 (6=33) + (1+5=6=33) + 66 On The 15th – 6  15 Minutes That Shook A City – 15 = 6 (6=33) EVIL FESTIVALS The Calendar Used In The Documentary Feb 1st Imbalc, – Twin Flames – Beltane Fire Festival – Purple – (Red +…

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Illuminati Liverpool F.C – Masonic Liverpool – A City Controlled By Devils

Share This: PLEASE WATCH DID THEY KILL OUR 96 – THE DOCUMENTARY I MADE AFTER DOING ALL THE RESEARCH ON THIS PAGE THIS FILM IS THE END RESULT PART 1 PART 2 PART 3 LIVERPOOL: THE CITY, THE FOOTBALL CLUBS, THE HISTORY UNLOCKED Report On The Famous Football Club’s Illuminati Foundations And The History Of Hidden Secrets Surrounding The Club And Historical City PART 1 BUSTED BY ENCHANTED LIFEPATH!!!! INTRO Hello Casey ive just been looking back over some of my videos from my first ever YouTube channel, i did…

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