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Now This Is Just The Start Here, A Blank Page, Lets See How Far We Can Take It. I’ve Been Listening To Some Music Today For What Feels Like The First Time In About 6 Months. So Whilst I Just Found The Lumineers Had A Few New Songs On YouTube From Their New Album Which Is Called Cleopatra, I put the First Song I Seen On, I Felt The Words In The Song was Quite Odd, With All That we Know In YouTube World It Would Be Criminal Of Me Not To Go Take A Look Into Them. But What Is Funny Is, I Can’t Even listen To My One Of My Best bands Of The Last 3 Years Or So Now, Without Thinking Oh Not These As Well, Surely Not, Are These Embroiled In All This Satanic Madness Too. Never Mind The Creepy Front Cover, So Anyway Here We Are. The First Song I Listened To Is Called Ophelia, Listen To It On The Video Below, Then We Will Get Back To Looking Into It All.
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Well Wasn’t That Disturbingly Nice Of Them!, Floods, What Floods?,  Anyway Lets Move On, Floods.
So A Band Called The Lumineers Releases An Album Called Cleopatra, With A Devil Horned Depiction Of Her, With Of Course The Sun In between Her Horns. All We See Is References To Egypt And Rome Everywhere We Look, Wonder How Many 44’s We Can Find On Our Travels, Cleopatra 44bc, Ides Of March, Hint Hint, Anything In February, March, April And May, September Maybe October And November As Side Issues But I’m Not Widening The Goal Posts But Let’s Just See., I Would Put The Whole Of Enchanted LifePath On Me Finding Them All Over It, All Roads Lead To Rome/Egypt. And We All Know What Happens When We Get There Don’t We?.




 The Lumineers are a folk rock band, based in Denver, Colorado. The two founding members and songwriters of the Lumineers are Wesley Schultz (lead vocals, guitar) and Jeremiah Fraites (drums, percussion). Josh Fraites, the brother of Jeremiah and best friend of Schultz, died of a drug overdose in 2002. As a way to cope with their loss, Schultz and Fraites began writing and performing together in New Jersey in 2002. Cellist and vocalist Neyla Pekarek joined the band in 2010, after responding to a Craigslist ad.



The band’s self-titled debut album was released on Dualtone Records on April 3, 2012, eventually peaking at number 2 on the Billboard 200 chart in January 2013. As of December 2013, their debut album has been certified Platinum in the US and Ireland, with Gold certifications in the UK, Australia and Canada.

Lead Singer Wesley Schultz

Denver's the Lumineers play a sold out headlining show at Terminal 5 in New York City on Feb. 1, 2013.
Denver’s the Lumineers play a sold out headlining show at Terminal 5 in New York City on Feb. 1, 2013.

Schultz grew up in Ramsey, New Jersey.

Growing up in Ramsey, Schultz’s best friend was Josh Fraites.[4] Fraites died of a drug overdosein 2002, age 19.[4] In the wake of Josh’s death, Schultz connected with Josh’s younger brotherJeremiah Fraites, a drummer, and the two “found solace in music, writing songs and playing gigs around New York.”[5] The two toured under the name Wesley Jeremiah, and released a self-titled EP (including future The Lumineers songs, “Flowers In Your Hair” and “Darlene.”
Wesley Schultz attended the University of Richmond.[6]
Birth name Wesley Keith Schultz
Born December 30, 1982 (age 33)
Origin Ramsey, New Jersey, United States.
Instruments Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Ukulele,Drums
Years active 2005–present

So The Lead Singer Of A Band Based In The Most Evil City On Earth At Present, Denver Colarado, The Band Member Grew Up In Ramsey, (Ram-sey, Ram, Ra). We Recently Seen Ramsey In The News Surrounding The Death Of Prince Late Last Month. Ramsey Was The Same Place Where We Found The Prince Autopsy Was Held At The Midwest Medical Examiners Office. Click The Image Below To See All My Work On The Examiners Office And The Highly Suspicious Death Of Prince.




Cleopatra is the second studio album by American indie folk band The Lumineers. The album was released in the United States on April 8, 2016, and contains the singles “Ophelia” and “Angela”. The album received positive reviews and commercial success, debuting at number 1 on the UK Albums Chart and the Billboard 200.
April 8 is the 98th day of the year (99th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 267 days remaining until the end of the year.
2016 Is A Leap Year, This Gives Us The 99th Day Of The Year As Seen Above, Giving Us A 99 Or 66 So Already We Have An As Above So Below Reference If 6 Was 9. 2016 Is Also 666 The Amount Of Times This pops Up Is Just Getting Stupid Now, They Make It Too Easy.

RELEASED April 8, 2016
RECORDED 2013–15
GENRE Americana, folk rock, indie folk
LENGTH 33:47
LABEL Dualtone
PRODUCER Simone Felice
The Lumineers
  1. “Ophelia”
    Released: February 5, 2016
  2. “Cleopatra”
    Released: March 25, 2016
  3. “Angela”
    Released: April 1, 2016
Here Is The First Song On The Album Called Sleep On The Floor, The Song Speaks In And End Of The World Scenario, Speaking Of Floods, Making It Away From city’s Alive, The Banking Crash When Mentioning Take All Of Your Savings Out.
Here It Is In Reverse 
You Hear, ”Burning”, ”Lucifer”, ”Satan”, ”You All”, ”I Know What I Say You Was” Various Clear Words.
Reverse Half Speed Listen More Carefully
The Lyrics In The Track Are As Follows
"Sleep On The Floor"

Pack yourself a toothbrush dear
Pack yourself a favourite blouse
Take a withdrawal slip, take all of your savings out
'Cause if we don't leave this town
We might never make it out
I was not born to drown, baby come on

Forget what Father Brennan said
We were not born in sin
Leave a note on your bed
Let your mother know you're safe
And by the time she wakes
We'll have driven through the state
We'll have driven through the night, baby come on

If the sun don't shine on me today
And if the subways flood and bridges break
Will you lay yourself down and dig your grave
Or will you rail against your dying day

And when we looked outside, couldn't even see the sky
How do you pay the rent, is it your parents
Or is hard work dear, holding the atmosphere
I don't wanna live like that

If the sun don't shine on me today
If the subways flood and bridges break

Jesus Christ can't save me tonight
Put on your dress, yes wear something nice
Decide on me, yea decide on us
Oh, oh, oh, Illinois, Illinois

Pack yourself a toothbrush dear
Pack yourself a favorite blouse
Take a withdrawal slip, take all of your savings out
Cause if we don't leave this town
We might never make it out
The Next Song To Draw Attention To Me Was One I Had liked For A Few Years Taken From The Hunger Games Soundtrack although I Have Not Seen The movie I Have Seen The Work @EnterThe5t4rz Has Done To Decode It All Linking In With The Portland Oregon, Lavoy Finicum False flag Murder Even Which Was Again Staged Satanic Ritual With Everybody Including Mainstream Media Doing All They Can To Set A Trap To Establish Gun Control In The United States. This Next Song Was There On The Hunger Games Sound Track all Along, Check The Time Stamp On The Upload Below Then I Have Attached The New Version Which Has Been Fully Released On The New Lumineers Album Cleopatra.


The Next Song That I Looked Into Was One Of My Best Songs, But Now The Title Of The Song On YouTube Has More Meaning To It All As We Will See In A Moment, Again Have A Listen let It Play Whilst You Read On.
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The Illumineers Performed In Oregon Portland Another Place We Have Seen False Flag Events This Year.


Here We See The Lumineers Playing The Song Flowers In Your Hair, But Take Note Of Where This Was Performed, And The Date.
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Uploaded on Nov 4, 2011 Way Before Portland Bundy Bird Cage

The Lumineers play “Flowers In Your Hair” in the stairway of the Bar Bar Apartment. #Portland, #Oregon.

It Is Now The 8th May 2016 The Sol Invictus Games Have just Began And Today On Facebook we Have Seen Profile Pictures With Girls With Flowers In Their Hair All Over Facebook Right As I Am Doing This Page I’m Seeing Flowers In their Hair. Was This Another Foreshadowing Of The Days We Are In Now From The 1st Album By The Lumineers?. 
The Mystery of Flowers and Plants

Witches and apothecaries have been aware of the mysterious and magical properties of plants and flowers for centuries, using them for healing and magic spells. Plants have a personality and individuality, they go through phases and moods just like people, sometimes they are active, other times inactive. It is thought that before a tree is chopped down it actually experiences fear, some plants and flowers are more sensitive than others and react to people’s energy and words.

Enchanted LifePath

While we Are Over In Oregon Let’s Take A Look at What Has Happened There Since January.

The Hunger Games Decoded By EnterThe5t4rz Made The Daily Mail.

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