tephra from 10:20 collapse and explosive event
tephra from 10:20 collapse and explosive event




September 15, 2015 01:29pm UK time

The Earth erupts! Spectacular pictures show Japanese volcano Mount Aso on island of Kyushu erupting as THREE volcanoes ablaze in Mexico, Chile and Indonesia while a fourth rumbles away,

  • Hundreds of people evacuated from villages located at the foot of the Colima Volcano in western Mexico
  • The Villarrica Volcano, around 460 miles south of the Santiago, Chile has been erupting overnight
  • An ash cloud from Mount Raung on Java, Indonesia has forced Bali airport to close for the second time this week
  • Mount Sinabung in Sumatra, Idonesia, has been erupting for two months, forcing the evacuation of 10,000 people


Fire mountain: The Colima Volcano in western Mexico, is pictured as it erupts on Sunday after hundreds of villagers had to be evacuated


In Chile, the Villarrica Volcano, around 460 miles south of the capital Santiago, has been erupting overnight.

The Villarrica, located near the popular tourist resort of Pucon is among the most active in South America.


Ring of Fire: The 10,800-foot Mount Raung volcano emits a column of ash and steam as seen from Bondowoso disctrict, located in eastern Java island as it causes several airports to close for a second time this week

The airport on the resort island, a top holiday destination that attracts millions of foreign tourists every year, reopened two days later as the ash drifted away, allowing some passengers to board flights home and others to arrive.

However the cloud returned Sunday morning, forcing authorities to shut the airport again. But the new closure lasted just a few hours and the airport was reopened in the afternoon as the ash shifted, the government said.

‘Full, normal operations have resumed, however planes are to fly in and out from a westerly direction to avoid the ash,’ transport ministry spokesman J. A. Barata told AFP.


In Bali, Indonesia a volcano eruption on the neighbouring island of Java has forced one of Indonesia’s busiest airports to close for the second time in just a few days.

Mount Raung on Indonesia’s main island of Java has been erupting for weeks, and on Thursday a cloud of drifting ash forced the closure of Bali airport during peak holiday season, and four others





Japanese volcano Mount Aso on island of Kyushu erupts

Mount Aso, a volcano on Japan’s main southern island of Kyushu, has erupted, Japan’s Meteorological Agency said, blasting a plume of black smoke 1.2 miles (2km) high, but there were no immediate reports of damage or injuries.

The 1,592-metre (5,222ft) high Mount Aso is one of the most active peaks inJapan but also a popular hiking spot. There were a handful of people at a parking lot near the peak but they were being evacuated safely, officials said on Monday. They said the eruption had come without warning.

Mexico is witnessing two volcanoes coming back to life with smoke and ash. Two volcanoes in Mexico erupted Saturday, spewing ash and smoke over surrounding areas. Colima Volcano ash was seen shooting into the air 2000 meters, and covered nearby Villages with volcanic dust. The volcano has-been showing signs of Increased activity since July 10 when it last erupted. This content was originally published by teleSUR at the following address:
“http://www.telesurtv.net/english/news/2-Volcanoes-Erupt-in-Mexico-20150912-0007.html”. If you intend to use it, please cite the source and provide a link to the original article. www.teleSURtv.net/english

French Foreign Minister:

‘We Have 500 Days to Avoid Climate Chaos


he world has “500 days to avoid climate chaos,” French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said alongside Secretary of State John Kerry at the State Department.

We have 500 days to avoid climate chaos,” Fabius said. “And I know that President Obama and John Kerry himself are committed on this subject and I’m sure that with them, with a lot of other friends, we shall be able to reach success in this very important matter.”


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