Commercial radio
These rates are from the last agreement we have, uplifted by the same amount as BBC rates.
Shift (incl. reporting), day rate (between 4 and 8 hours) GBP 104.00
College student or leaver within 6 months of completing course: day rate (for a day or half-day’s exclusive engagement) GBP 80.00
Ordered match report coverage (incl. previews, flashes and summaries) GBP 55.00
Shift (incl. reporting), half-day rate (up to 4 hours) GBP 52.00
News report (voice), first 2 min GBP 30.00
Ordered calls for running match reports GBP 19.05
Ordered calls for running match reports GBP 19.05
Tip-off (supplied and used) GBP 12.00
News report copy, ordered or submitted and broadcast (per item) GBP 11.00
News report (voice), per extra minute GBP 10.00
Match results report only £4.49

RATES: Editorial
Programme support
Editing/sub-editing, per 1000 words GBP 275.00
Project management/day GBP 220.00
Website design/day GBP 220.00
Editorial consultancy/day GBP 215.00
Editing/sub-editing: per day GBP 200.00
RATES: Writing and research
Programme support
Writing or reporting per 1000 words GBP 285.00
Writing or reporting per day GBP 180.00


  • Broadcasting organisations often attempt to impose contracts that demand all rights and which may also impose further conditions, such as wide liabilities. The NUJ is resisting these and recommends that everyone always read all contracts carefully. See Notes on negotiating rates for Broadcasting / Programme support – and members of the NUJ should seek advice on such contracts from the Freelance Office if necessary.



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