RATES: Sub-editing
Editing and production
Sub-editing with HTML coding: per day GBP 240.00
Sub-editing/day GBP 160.00


  • Allegedly simple sub-editing for the web and other database-like media is almost always more demanding than for print media. Whether the freelance is striving to write headlines of precisely 48 characters for old-skool Teletext, or is dealing with tagging articles with keywords selected from a “controlled vocabulary”, they’re doing things that sub-editors of normal language do not have to do.
  • If the work involves markup – whether the <em>simple codes</em> that determine the appearance of the run of text or <div class="abstract">structural markup</div> – it should attract a higher fee.
RATES: Website design and production
Editing and production
Consultancy and information architecture for complex corporate sites: per day from GBP 1200.00
Design basic 5-page brochure site, corporate: say two days GBP 700.00
Design basic 5-page brochure site, non-profit: say two days GBP 600.00
Design and code complex sites: per day from GBP 400.00
Design basic brochure site, corporate: per day GBP 350.00
Design basic brochure site, non-profit: per day GBP 300.00


  • The fees quoted for design of small sites – such as local businesses’ brochure sites – assume the freelance is starting from scratch and will take around a day to produce a basic original home page and a template for further pages. Working from an existing template, it may be possible to do four or five pages a day – or more. The more complex the site, the more the freelance should charge.
  • The fees assume the freelance is working with supplied content. Creating words, and finding pictures and sounds will add to the amount charged – as will any necessary copyright clearance.
  • The work to be done on larger sites varies enormously. Some clients may already have templates. Others may want something which looks original but in some way fits within a house style – for example a “micro-site” for one of a broadcaster’s programmes. Or they may have a blank screen and a need for what is in effect business consultancy… in which case they should be prepared to pay business consultancy rates
  • If the client wants a site whose words and images are stored in a custom database, the job becomes a database analyst’s and appropriate rates apply. Many “content management systems” are available but none actually work “out of the box” in the real world: in order to tailor them to any sane client’s requirements, they require almost enough understanding of the programming to be able to write them from scratch.
  • Doing database coding and writing user content at the same time is not a good idea – as with any conversation held in three languages at once, the quality of all will suffer. As, you may conclude, you see here.

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