• Appoints Prime Minister: we vote for our local MP’s the queen then elects the Prime Minister.
  • Appoints Senior Church Of England Officials.
  • Appoints Head Of BBC
  • Appoints Senior Judges
  • Head of the Armed Forces
  • Supreme Governor of Church of England
  • Head of Commonwealth
  • Head of United Kingdom
  • By Convention, Gives Royal Assent to Bills.
  • Grants, Pardons & Inputs Sentences.
  • May Declare War Or Peace.
  • Opens Or Dissolves Parliament.
  • Senior Civil Servants.


  • Sovereign Grant – A percentage Currently 15% off income from the Crown Estates, Paid to the Monarch by the Government.
  • For the year 2016-2017 the Sovereign Grant is £42.8 Million.
  • Privacy Purse – Income from Duchy of Lancaster much used for expenses of other royals.
  • Personal Income – From her own investments and family inheritance.

Question Time

Q) The Prince of wales ids making a visit to the Martyl street area, in advance of the visit a local Councillor, who is a republican, has called for the abolition of the monarchy. Identify FIVE sources you would contact to followup the story and provide a question PER SOURCE

A) The Republican Councillor to see why he may have these views. other local councils/Councillors to record their opinion on the matter, local people to find out feelings and back ground to claim. Contacting a company who may be linked to the monarchy within the area for example local Princes trust funding, a member of the public may of received help from the trust to set up a business. We may also look for negative opinions and ask. Ask the local  council how much funds the visit may generate or cost the city. How much did it cost to police the visit. How did the mayor welcome the visit.

  • Local MP: Monarch’s overall role as head of state and/or cost.
  • Lord Lieutenant of the area – Monarch’s are ”representative”
  • Member(s) of a local pensioner group – views of older citizens.
  • Members Of a Youth Group.
  • Local Person who Has been To the Palace To receive An honour.
  • Someone who may of declined the the the chance to receive and honor.
  • Members of The Royal British Legion – fought for King & Country
  • Local religious leaders: Monarch’s role as defender of the faith.
  • Pro-Monarchy


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