The management of your privownned local airport has announced a proposal to build a second runway.
Thos would allow allow a 35 per cent increase in landings and take-offs.

Identify THREE examples of sources you would approach to investigate this story.

To help wiith my report i would approach airport management to discuss this announcement.
I would also speak to airport staff & members of the public within close pproximity of the airport.
I can also talk to people involved in approving thos runway such as the local council and mp’s

What questions would you ask?

I would ask management:

What is the cost and will any public money be used to fund the runway?
How many jobs will be generated by this venture and will they be advertised locally?
Will jobs be agency based and if so why?
How long will it take to begin construction?
How long will it take to complete the runway, do you have an estimated completion date?
How much will it improve the company profits?
What are the current air traffic figures?
Why is the extra runway neccessary?
What is the commercial justification?
Do we have adequate road and rail links to the airport to deal with the increase in passenger freight?
Has an environmental impact survey been conducted?

set up pics of managers and staff at the airport vdeos for graphics also?

I would ask the local council:

Will they be sympathetic on planning grounds?
Have any objections been recieved?
Do they support the airport management
How will the council help local taxpayers who might be affected by the development’s impact?

Local MP:
In their view, is the second runway justified?
Do they support the propsal?
What are their reasons?
what action do they intend to take?

I Would ask Comminity & Resident Groups:

Talking to those whose homes will lie in the patch of the runway:
Will they object to the proposal?
What might it’s consequences be?
What is it like now?
Are they planning a protest?
Do you like the idea of extra work in the region?


Will it lead to more jobs?
will the proposal advance the area’s commercial interests?
Will it lead to more jobs?
Will it put pressure on other businesses?
Will they be joining a campaign for or against the proposal?
will there be an environmental knock on effect from the building work,
will residents be compensated if noise/pollution levels are higher than expected?
will planning permission be granted?
Will any
Has an environmental impact survey been conducted?

Airline Operators:

Do they see the need for the extra runway?
Could their businesses expand as a result?
Would there be new jobs?
Will it result in cheaper flights?
Flights to more parts of the world?
Better businesses for teh area as a whole?

What photographs/graphcs could you use to illustrate this story.


Airport mannagement
Community/residents’ groups
Environmental groups
Business (including Chamber of Commerce)
Local council
Airline operators

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