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WW3 | US Air strikes an act of war says Russia as Britain admits to carrying out fatal attack

British air force admits involvement in airstrikes which hit Syrian troops killing 62 A Statement released by the Ministry of Defence today has admitted British Involvement in the airstrikes which killed 62 Syrian soldiers and has created a huge question mark over the Russian/US ceasefire in Syrian airspace. British attack drones were deployed during the strikes which now leave Russia and The United states Of America’s military leaders on the verge of war. British RAF involvement in the fatal strikes will not be good news for the general public of…

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Liverpool Comedy Festival is totally Cramptamonium

Liverpool Echo Laughter House stand up comedian of the year finalist Top Joe prepared for Thursdays finals by launching a new word in bid to have it used in the English dictionary on Saturday night. Joe was performing in front of a closely packed crowd at 81 Renshaw, for Funny Looking Fringe, a comedy umbrella for local talent set up by owner Gaz Cross at the 2016 Liverpool Comedy Festival. Joe was typically sharp and funny as he built up to the big reveal of his quirky new word ‘Cramptamonium’,…

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