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Body parts of a new, prematurely born, baby have been discovered in a tank at the Oldshire Water Treatment works in Highton.

The body parts were discovered by contractors cleaning out a tank at the works on Salforth Road.

Detective Chief Superintendent Teresa Lawrence, made an appeal to the mother:

”The mother must be feeling very confused, upset and afraid.

”We would urge her to visit her local doctor or local hospital to seek medical help”.

Arnold Johnson, 35, RJT Water Treatment said:

“I found his little arm first then, then other parts, I can’t tell you any more. I don’t want to upset myself again”.

Although it is hoped DNA tests will reveal the identity of the mother, Beeton police are hoping members of the public will contact them with any further info on 02923 299614.



16 Year year old girl believed to be the mother of the baby whose body parts were found at the Oldshire Water Treatment Plant has been brought to a local police station by her parents.

Det Chief Superintendent Tereaa Lawrence Said:

”At 11am this morning a 16 year old girl was brought by her parents to Beeton Police headquarters in Wood street.

“Her parents say she is the mother of the baby found at the Salforth Road water Treatment Plant.

“Her parents say she is indeed the mother of the baby boy.

“Officers arranged for the girl to be seen by a doctor, mother father and daughter were all in an highly charged emotional state.

“she had not seen a doctor before being brought into Wood street

“No arrests have been made”.

She also added.

Our officers at the water treatment plant have completed their search but we can say no more at this stage  although we are of course pleased that the girl is now receiving appropriate medical attention

Darren Jones, 48, Manager of The Salforth Road Water Treatment plant, said:

“Today has been a nightmare and i feel so sorry for all those involved.

“Anything bigger than 6mm is automatically screened out at the plant and we find lots of unpleasant things – but nothing like this discovery”.




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