Prime Minister – Primus Inter Pares – First Among Equals.

Selects the cabinet (minister of the crown) and can dismiss them too.

Hands out departmental positions.

Decides agenda for cabinet meetings.

Chairs cabinet meetings at least one day a week.

Powers of appointment: (These Are The Prerogative Powers)

  • Civil service
  • Church
  • Judicary
  • Head of BBC

Recommend honours.

Declare war and peace.

Write the Queens speech.

Weekly meeting with the Queen.

Answer for government policy at weekly PMQ.


The cabinet is made up of senior members of government.

Every week during Parliament, members of the cabinet (secretaries of State from all departments and some other Ministers) meet to discuss the must important issues for the government.

Secretaries of state head the great departments, including:

The Right Honourable (RT HON) Justine Greening MP – Sec of State for Education, Minister for Women & Equalities.

David Davis MP (RT HON) – Sec of State for Exiting the European Union.

Boris Johnson MP (RT HON) – Sec of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs.

Phillip Hammond MP – (RT HON) – Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Michael Fallon MP (RT HON) – Sec of State for Defence.

Jeremy Hunt MP (RT HON) – Sec of State for Health.


Ministers have both administrative and political responsibilities. they are responsible and legislation affecting the department and the government as a whole.

They are answerable to parliament and the MP.

Ministers are bound by two cabinet conventions.

  • Collective responsibilities means they will sing from the same hymnsheet as the government.
  • Minister responsibility means they are responsible for the success and failure of their department.
  • Ministers who either break rank or wreck departmental work will resign.


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