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Members Of The Public Campaign To Ban Live Exports From Ramsgate

Members of the public have spoken out against the live export industry and called for shipments of live cattle from the UK to be banned. A recent report from Enchanted LifePath TV regarding the latest protests at the Port of Ramsgate has created a reaction from members in support of KAALE, Kent Action Against Live Exports. Speaking on the Stop Live Exports From The Port of Ramsgate Facebook page, concerns were raised and calls to ban the shipments were repeated. One supporter said: “Ban live animal exports,  it’s a cruel barbaric and inhumane…

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NHS | What it does

WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT The Department of health Strategic leadership and funding for both health and social care in England. Ministerial department supported by 23 agencies and public bodies. NHS England An independent body. Sets priorities and directions of the NHS to improve health and care outcomes in England. Five Year Forward View sets out future vision for the NHS. Commissions and primary care services. Manages around £100 billion of the NHS budget. Allocates resources to Clinical commission Groups. Clinical Commissioning Groups Clinically lead statutory NHS bodies responsible for commissioning…

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Shocking | Operation Paperclip: MK Ultra Celebs Exposed | Past Present & Future

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