The Department of health

  • Strategic leadership and funding for both health and social care in England.
  • Ministerial department supported by 23 agencies and public bodies.

NHS England

  • An independent body.
  • Sets priorities and directions of the NHS to improve health and care outcomes in England.
  • Five Year Forward View sets out future vision for the NHS.
  • Commissions and primary care services.
  • Manages around £100 billion of the NHS budget.
  • Allocates resources to Clinical commission Groups.

Clinical Commissioning Groups

  • Clinically lead statutory NHS bodies responsible for commissioning care services in their areas.
  • Members include GP’s, Nurses & other consultants.
  • Responsible for 60% of the NHS budget.
  • Commissions secondary care services.
  • Both NHS England and CCGs have a duty to involve parents carers and the public in decisions. 

Public Health England

  • Co-ordinates a national public health service.
  • Builds evidence to support local health services.
  • Supports the public to make healthier choices.
  • Provides leadership to the public health system.
  • Supports the development of the Public Health Workforce.

Health & Wellbeing Boards

  • Established by local authorities.
  • Forum for local commissioners across the NHS.
  • Increase local input into strategic decisions about health & wellbeing services.
  • Strengthen relationships between health & social care.
  • Encouraging integrated commissioning of health & social care services.


  • National Institute for Health & Care Excellence.
  • According to the NHS Website….. Helps Practices to deliver the best possible care.
  • Give people the most effective treatment based on latest evidence.
  • Provide value for money.
  • Reduces inequalities and variation.

But wen does it hit the news?

When it is refusing to recommend drugs because of cost.

Care Quality Commission

  • Independent regulator for health and social care
  • Make sure services provide “safe, effective, compassionate and high quality care”.
  • Services covered include: hospitals, dentists, GPs, Care Homes.

Protect the right of vulnerable people including those people whose rights are restricted under the Metal Health Act.


Secretary Of State For health

Bed Blocking

Quality Care Commision

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