Liverpool’s playhouse theater was evacuated on Friday during the Rivals show with the audience, staff and cast members told to leave the building after a fire alarm was activated.

A message could be heard over the speakers inside the building  ordering the immediate evacuation of the popular Playhouse at around 21:20pm..cast-member-from-rivals-evacuation-at-the-playhouse

The audience remained upbeat as they left the building and were directed towards the fire meeting point outside Paddy Power opposite the playhouse on Williamson Square.

A member of staff said: ”Thank you for your co-operation and leaving the building so quickly.

“We are investigating the activation of the fire alarm and hope we can return to the building and finish

the entertainment for you all pretty soon”.

One member of the audience said: “I did not know if the lights and flashes were part of the show.

“Then the alarms went off and i was thinking did they have all this in back in the days when the show was set”.

The all clear was given for everyone to return to the show after 20 minutes and an explanation was given from senior management with it being put down to haze from the set props.




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