Halloween and bonfire night are just around the corner, many animals suffer greatly his time of year with animal welfare groups campaigning for the fair use of fireworks near areas where animals are held such as farms and rescue centres.

The RSPCA also wants firework displays restricted to just four major celebrations a year so that owners can protect their animals from the mayhem caused by powerful explosions.

Another group campaigning are Firework Abatement who are requesting the number of days to be reduced from the legal 365 days to just 10 days a year over traditional events only.

The latest situation to be brought to the attention of FAB is an annual firework display at Lower Drayton Farm, Lower Drayton, Penkridge.

A statement on the Lower Drayton Farm/LDF Entertainment Hub, Facebook page said: “We have had a number of people expressing concern about the safety of animals on the farm during the fireworks display.

“Rather than respond to everyone individually we want to state that we take animal welfare very seriously.

“We organise a highly professional display and believe that this kind of organised event is far better than amateur ‘back garden’ displays as they are advertised well in advance and local pet / livestock owners are aware that there will be display at a set time and date and can make arrangements accordingly.

“As for our own livestock, we make every effort to ensure that animals likely to be affected by the fireworks are safely in their pens/houses and that they are carefully checked before, during and after the display.

“2016 will be the 10th year the fireworks display on the farm and we have never had animals panicked or injured by the fireworks and make every effort to ensure they remain calm and safe throughout.

When asked about the possibility of using low decibel fireworks at future displays another statement read: “Silent fireworks certainly sound interesting and something we will investigate.

“Thanks for your feedback and concern we do take this on board”.

15 minutes of what some may call fun can often result in hundreds of pounds in veterinary fees for many animal owners nationwide.

Earlier in the year FAB were successful in campaigning to get Manchester Airport to re-locate a fireworks display by 3/4 of a mile to appease any stress on pet owners and animals after they had a planned display which was uncomfortably close to an animal rescue centre.


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