Teenage Cancer Trust | Liverpool Mental Health Festival 2016 | #WeAreTheNews

Peter Quinn set up a charity to help raise awareness of cancer after having to battle the disease himself. Peter spoke to Enchanted LifePath TV during the festival where his charity was in Liverpool for the weekend with volunteers who were performing various songs and raising awareness of the work the charity do for people in need of help throughout the UK.

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Tony Bellew Interview The Jimmy Albertina Influence On Champ | ELP TV Exclusive

Tony Bellew V BJ Flores Press Conference | Liver Buildings | Liverpool | Monday 10 October 2016 Champion Tony Bellew and BJ Flores came face to face at the Liver Buildings today for the pre-fight press conference ahead of their WBC cruiserweight world title fight at Liverpool’s Echo Arena on October 15. Bomber’ Bellew was sharped tongued as ever during the hour long press conference taunting his opponent after he was filmed asking his corner how to block the ring off when in trouble during a previous fight. Flores, who responded to taunts…

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Playhouse Evacuated During The Rivals Show

Liverpool’s playhouse theater was evacuated on Friday during the Rivals show with the audience, staff and cast members told to leave the building after a fire alarm was activated. A message could be heard over the speakers inside the building  ordering the immediate evacuation of the popular Playhouse at around 21:20pm.. The audience remained upbeat as they left the building and were directed towards the fire meeting point outside Paddy Power opposite the playhouse on Williamson Square. A member of staff said: ”Thank you for your co-operation and leaving the…

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Does 120 Mile High Water Vapour Plumes From Jupiter’s Moon Europa Mean There Is Life

NASA’S Hubble telescope has discovered what may be 3 separate 120-mile-high water vapour plumes coming from cracks in ice crusts above the 62-mile-deep oceans on Jupiter’s moon Europa. NASA held a Washington DC Teleconference about Hubble telescope searches in 2012 and 2014, on Monday, September, 21st, 2016. NASA had been looking closely for signs of an atmosphere on one of Jupiter’s largest moons Europa. Images sent back by Hubble in 2014 raised huge questions about life in our solar system after they appeared to show H20 eruptions way above the…

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Members Of The Public Campaign To Ban Live Exports From Ramsgate

Members of the public have spoken out against the live export industry and called for shipments of live cattle from the UK to be banned. A recent report from Enchanted LifePath TV regarding the latest protests at the Port of Ramsgate has created a reaction from members in support of KAALE, Kent Action Against Live Exports. Speaking on the Stop Live Exports From The Port of Ramsgate Facebook page, concerns were raised and calls to ban the shipments were repeated. One supporter said: “Ban live animal exports,  it’s a cruel barbaric and inhumane…

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NHS | What it does

WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT The Department of health Strategic leadership and funding for both health and social care in England. Ministerial department supported by 23 agencies and public bodies. NHS England An independent body. Sets priorities and directions of the NHS to improve health and care outcomes in England. Five Year Forward View sets out future vision for the NHS. Commissions and primary care services. Manages around £100 billion of the NHS budget. Allocates resources to Clinical commission Groups. Clinical Commissioning Groups Clinically lead statutory NHS bodies responsible for commissioning…

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Shocking | Operation Paperclip: MK Ultra Celebs Exposed | Past Present & Future

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Defamation | Law | Mcnaes chapter 19,20 and 21 pages 253 – 298

Defamation Act 2013 Before 2013, Juries tried most defamation cases. Defamation ACT 2013 Cases heard by judge alone. A Defamatory statements made in written form is libel – in spoken form it is slander. Written – Libel Spoken – Slander Broadcast on radio or TV – Libel Public performance in a play – slander WHAT IS CLASSED AS DEFAMATION? Defamation ACT 2013 section 1 – a statement is not defamatory unless it’s publication has caused, or is likely to cause,”serious harm” to a claimant’s reputation. Harm to the reputation of…

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WW3 Build Up | 40 Million Russians Take Part In Nuclear Disaster Drill As US Warns Of War With Moscow

Russian  authorities are staging a suspicious 3 day nuclear disaster drill which will see 40 million people take part. The surprise drill comes days after a US General warned war with Russia may be on the cards. Tensions escalated last week when John Kerry warned of not only breaking off diplomatic relations over Syria with Russia, and threatening to use “military force” including potentially US-based ground forces in Syria for the first time, but also slamming Russian strikes over Aleppo as “barbaric”, The drill comes just over a week after…

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RAMSGATE | Animal Cruelty Demonstration By 70 KAALE ‘Kent Action Against Live Exports Protestors

Enchanted LifePath Exclusive Report Over 70 live export protesters gathered to demonstrate  against live cattle exports from the Port of Ramsgate on Saturday. For 22 years KAALE, ‘Kent Action Against Live Exports, have protested against the export of live animals to Europe via the ports of the United Kingdom, frequently meeting hostile opposition from police, Governments, local authorities and maybe even the powers that be. Ian Birchall, Chairman, KAALE, added: “We are a completely volunteer run organisation specifically set up to address the specific issue of live animal exports, primarily from the…

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