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Halloween at the Port of Ramsgate was the stage to the latest KAALE protest against live exports with over 80 people present as 4 live animal transporters arrived at the Nethercourt roundabout bound for the live animal export ‘ship’ Joline.

The police, after many discussions, had decided to make the exporters slow to walking pace as the trucks passed to try to stop campaigners risking their lives in a bid to stop the vehicles so other protesters could obtain videos and photographic evidence to add to a growing dossier of evidence against the exporters.

One brave KAALE, Kent action against live exports, campaigners had taken it upon himself to lead the transporters in as he, once again, rode his bike in front of the oncoming slaughter trucks in a bid to slow them down.

One protester said on the KAALE Facebook page: “Again he placed himself at great risk but without him we doubt if the lorries would have slowed at all.

“In the past people have sat in the road risking their lives and Onderwater, the owner of the ship, who always comes in first, has driven right up to them and last time people had to scramble backwards as he refused to stop”.

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protesters feel the police are trying to find a formula that will allow the transporters to pass without hassle but also allow them to film the animals so satisfying both parties.

This was seen as an exercise in trying to reduce the amount of police needed and thus reduce costs but we must be careful this does not end up as stage managed because that would reduce the meaning of the protest and leave everyone feeling they are complicit in the trade.

A spokesman from KAALE said: “This will never be acceptable!!! We have to feel our efforts have earned us the evidence we need in our long battle not that we have been given the crumbs off the rich man’s table in a cynical manner.

“Tonight everyone was left feeling cheated and frustrated. We all feel upset when we see the animals but we feel better when we know we have used our best efforts to help them. Tonight we did not feel this.”

Below are dates for your diary

This Friday 4th November Craig Mackinlay’s bill to amend the Piers Ports and Harbours 1847 act so that when Brexit is in place we can stop the trade.

Tuesday 15th November meeting at the Oak Hotel Ramsgate, opposite Marina, start 7.30pm, to discuss all that is happening at the moment since the meetings we have held with the police standards Committee and Craig Mackinlay and the new Chief Exec of the RSPCA

Friday 18th November Reg is opening his shop in the evening, 6pm onwards, Bargain Bazaar, for all supporters and family and friends to do shipping for Xmas. All goods will be discounted for us and all profits will go to KAALE funds and as you know with recent events we need it
The address is 45, Station Road, Westgate on Sea, opposite Station.

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