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Moments after the Paris attacks on November 13, 2015, we seen a host of world landmarks lit up in the now infamous red, white, and blue lights.

The decorated buildings of the world showed their all out support for the alleged victims of the Paris attacks which included no injuries at the Stade De France bombings and 139 dummies being spotted covered in fake blood at the Bataclan by sharp eyed investigative journalists and YouTuber’s alike.

We seen the White House, The Sydney Opera House, Eiffel Tower, Rio’s ┬áChrist the Redeemer statue, St, Georges Hall in Liverpool, UK, all displaying the colours of the French national flag within hours if not minutes of the attacks.

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This was followed a mass social media frenzy of profile pictures sporting the same red, white and blue France flag with the hashtag #PrayForFrance attached and trending fast.

We then seen the same social engineering of the minds of the public once again on March, 22, 2016 in Belgium as the Brussels bombings took place.

Again people felt the need to show solidarity to people they did not think twice about the day before.

This raised questions at Enchanted LifePath such as, was this a designed social experiment to see how many people would act in a particular way after an event?

Was this an attempt by governments to do a head count on people adorning the Paris or Brussels flags to see how many people they had managed to fool, comparing that to the amount of people who opposed the mainstream narrative covering both events?

So now we are in November 2016 and exactly a year since the strange Paris attacks we see the streets of America in a state of emergency although it is not declared yet we only have to look at the images and footplate we are seeing from the the side of the pond to realise a very major incident is taking place, but where is the worldwide support for the people of America, why is there no #PrayForAmerica campaign sweeping through social media?

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The scenes we see stateside are concerning indeed and will have a knock on effect which will hit us all, we have not had a chance to see the world markets take a tumble due to insecurity and civil unrest in the country who holds the monetary system together.

Could the riots spread around the world? Yes they could, because, simply put if markets fall and prices soar worldwide we could see banks closing within weeks, we could see countries who have been hanging by a financial thread, dropping to their knees, as the fall out begins to come to the table.

A growing feeling that the general public of the world have seemingly turning a blind eye on the everyday people of America is very worrying.

Could we be close to the day where we see the people fleeing America to seek refugee status in other countries and would other countries open their borders to the people of America if that day comes?

I fear for the people of America more than ever right now and we should all do more to warn the protesters they are forcing us all down a very dark path.


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