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What I did to get into numerous news outlets around the UK world. The UFOs were balloons.

Two Unidentified flying objects have been recorded flying over Liverpool this afternoon by Enchanted LifePath Tv Alternative News & Media and uploaded to YouTube.

Footage captured with a camera set to 168x zoom shows two objects flying parallel to each other in Halewood at around 16:00.

An Enchanted LifePath TV Spokesman said: “I was looking out of the window and I could see an object, I thought it was a balloon but then I could see another one next to it they were flying in tandem”.

“I grabbed my camera and jumped out of the window to get the footage”

Having recorded the flying objects, which remain unidentified, the footage was then analysed by Enchanted Lifepath TV and the possibility of them being drones were looked into, screenshots were taken in a follow-up video which showed the objects did not appear to be the popular quadcopters.

One YouTube viewer said: “There is no way they are drones, you just caught two UFOs”.

In the original footage you can see the objects clearly and no conclusions can be drawn with views building fast on the video, no viewers have been able to rule out UFO activity in Liverpool today.

A viewer added: “Nice catch mate whatever they are”.


The Mirror Online Have Picked Up On My Story And Ran It Take A Look Below




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