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A UFO mystery in England which gained worldwide attention over the weekend has been emphatically solved less than 24 hours after two birthday balloons were mistaken for unidentified flying objects.

The sighting in Liverpool, UK, which caused UFO speculation after a video was posted to YouTube by Enchanted LifePath TV and was picked up by local, national and world press, has been solved after a Liverpool grandmother debunked the debate on the Liverpool Echo Facebook page commenting they were in-fact party balloons released during her granddaughters birthday celebrations on Saturday afternoon.

Jean Kennedy, Liverpool, said: “It was my granddaughters helium birthday balloons.

“Two circle balloons, two number three balloons and an Olaf balloon, we released them into the sky in Halewood so they are not UFO’s”.

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Earlier in the day the Inquisitr had reported the sighting and compared the footage to a similar case in Arizona during the Super moon a week before the Liverpool incident.

The sightings had remained a talking point with YouTube viewers plus over 700 shares of the Liverpool Echo report  as well as an article in a well known national newspaper in the United Kingdom, The Mirror.

An Enchanted LifePath spokesman added: “This perky mystery has had a perky ending, it was good to be able to gain a logical explanation and deliver a fair and accurate report.

“It is safe to say this is well and truly case closed, and wish a happy birthday to the baby who turned three on Saturday”

Liverpool had been branded a UFO highway this weekend after various UFO sightings over the years.

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