The Pope has sensationally blamed Europe for the beginning of World War three.

He said: “I have spoken to the European continent three times: twice in Strasbourg and once last year, or this year.

“I think that ‘No more war!’ has not been taken seriously, because after the First there was the Second, and after the Second there is this third war we are experiencing now, piecemeal.

“We are at war. The world is conducting a third world war: Ukraine, Middle East, Africa, Yemen. It is very grave.

“Therefore, we say the words ‘No more war!’, but at the same time we manufacture weapons and sell them, and we sell them to those who are fighting, as arms producers sell them to this and that, to those who are at war with each other.

“It is true. There is an economic theory that I have not tried to confirm, but which I have read in several books: that in the history of humanity, when a State saw that its accounts were not in good shape, waged war to balance its budget. That is, it is one of the easiest ways to produce wealth. Certainly, the price is very high: blood.”

He said: “One cannot wage war in the name of God or in the name of a religious position.

“War cannot be waged in any religion. And for this reason terrorism and war are not related to religion. “Religion is distorted to justify them, this is true.”

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