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#PewDiePerv #PizzaGate Delivery Decoded | MK Ultra Monarch Butterfly Hits 50 Million YouTube Subs



I just noticed something about PewDiePie which leads me into this video, I made it after he had reached 50 million subscribers when truth be told he should have zero. Find out why he is just another Illuminati puppet with a MK Ultra theme running through his channel here.

In the picture above PewDiePerv can be seen with a baseball bat and blood splattered across his face whilst holding a child’s teddy bear.

The teddy bear is another symbol hidden in plain sight which pedophiles use to communicate. This image represents child murder, sacrifice and abuse, it is promoting pedophilia.

After all we have seen surrounding #PizzaGate I thought this man has to be leaving some clues on the issue so I ran a google search in both web and images.

I then discovered images which linked back to videos on his YouTube channel from a series of videos called Pizza Delivery from 2013.

Please watch the full video to see what else I found after looking into PewDiePie.

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