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#Breaking: HMP Hull On Lockdown As More Riots Expected In UK Prisons

Reports in the UK suggest more riots may be about to take place in prisons accross the country in the aftermath of the most violent rioting seen in uk jails in over two decades. Around 240 prisoners were moved out of HMP Birmingham following the “worst prison riot since Strangeways” more than 25 years ago after keys were stolen by inmates on Friday evening. Chaos erupted in Four wings at the Category B prison as prison guards were overrun by inmates, during the siege which lasted for more than 12 hours before…

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Kate Bush & Convicted Paedophile Rolf Harris – The Cryptic Link Exposed – MK ULTRA

  A dear friend has just been listening to an album by kate bush called ‘Aerial‘ which was released on November, 7, 2005, twelve years after her last album ‘Red Shoes‘ which was released on November, 2, 1993. Kate Bush, whose birth name is Catherine Bush, was born on, July, 30, 1958, is now 58 years old. Born in Southeast London, Kate grew up in a family immersed in music, art and literature. She learned to play violin at age 11 but didn’t like it; she began to set her poems to her…

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