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Beyonce Admits She Sold Her Soul : Hold Up – ILLUMINATI EXPOSED

  Beyonce Admits She Sold Her Soul : Hold Up – ILLUMINATI EXPOSED Spy Kitten TV Subscribed84,416 Beyonce has officially admitted she sold her soul to the devil for fame and fortune. In her new music video called hold up, Beyonce Knowles has sunk to a new low. She blasphemes and denies the Holy Bible and Jesus Christ. The truth is right in front of you – it’s up to you to come to our Lord and Savior. God Bless.

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EXPOSED – Alice Day – 25th April Annual Paedophile Pride Day – A Paedo Celebration

Source: UK and Ireland paedophile database Alice Day – A Paedophile Celebration – 25th April All around the world many annual traditions are celebrated by many cultures, we know of Christmas, Easter, Halloween even our birthdays, but there are also some bad dates which people are not so aware of and Alice Day is one of them. April the 25th is Alice Day, originally known as “Paedophile Pride Day” the day was devised by paedophile activists during the 1990′s to celebrate their desire to molest children. Paedophiles use this day to…

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